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5 Seconds: Volume 3

The Final Countdown
If you could see 5 seconds into the future, would you look? Lucas has broken out of prison with a strange new ability. Janet is back in town but has she got her power under control? Jake and Ellie are once again caught in a web of events out of their control. Lucas is out for revenge, Janet needs help and they have to stay ahead of some very angry mob bosses. Is a 5 second head start enough for Jake to save the day? This is the epic conclusion to the 5 Seconds saga.
Stephen Kok launched his first graphic novel Tabby on Kickstarter and crowdfunded the money to bring Tabby to reality. Tabby has been a great success and is currently in over 300+ public libraries across Australia and New Zealand. He has always loved the medium of graphic novels to tell a story with words and pictures. He is married with a daughter in Sydney. His little girl has over 10 toy kittens and has already asked for a real kitten when she grows up. P.R. Dedelis is a Polish illustrator and has collaborated with Stephen Kok on various projects including Tabby, 5 Seconds and Word Smith.
* Graphic novels are a growing medium and this extends to comic prose (e.g. Diary of a Wimpy Kid). There are very few Australian written graphic novels! * A sequel to the award winning 5 Seconds. 5 Seconds (ISBN 9780994289926) is already in over 150+ libraries across Australia and New Zealand. * Fully coloured story on high quality (150 gsm paper). * Public Library marketing campaign. * School library marketing campaign. * Book store marketing campaign.

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