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Word Smith - Volume 2

The Competition
All it takes is a word. Victoria is the best word smith in the city. However Mei Li, a challenger from the Eastern Nations might steal Victoria's title in an upcoming tournament! Who will win in this war of words?
Stephen Kok launched Tabby on Kickstarter and crowdfunded the money to bring Tabby to reality. He has always loved the medium of graphic novels to tell a story with words and pictures. Tabby is the first graphic novel that was independently published. He is married with a daughter in Sydney. His little girl has over 10 toy kittens and has already asked for a real kitten when she grows up. PR Dedelis is an illustrator from Poland and has worked on various Sigmate Studio graphic novels
* Fantastic steampunk fantasy adventure. Vibrant illustrations and engaging story! * Printed locally in Sydney and fully coloured story on high quality (150 gsm paper) * Graphic novels are a growing medium and this extends to comic prose (e.g. Diary of a Wimpy Kid). There are very few Australian written graphic novels! This is unique in the Australian market. * The first volume of Word Smith is already in over 500+ public libraries world wide! * Written up in local newspaper Manly Daily. *Facebook Marketing (Over 1000+ Likes) - * Review copies provided to targeted book blogs and sites. * In Store Appearances (on request). * Direct Marketing to Public and School Libraries.

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