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An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today 3/e


This third edition of An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today is an updated and expanded version of the best-selling 2nd edition book An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today. It tells the authors Journey over 4 Continents to find the Best Cure for his prostate cancer. Parts 1 and 3 of the book are mainly focused on his being diagnosed with intermediate risk prostate cancer, and the process he went through to finally have proton beam radiation therapy in Seoul, South Korea in early 2013. Part 2 of the book focuses on the treatment options available to all newly diagnosed prostate cancer sufferers. It also includes a substantial section on diet and nutritional issues that the author believes are critical components of any prostate cancer prevention and/or treatment regime. He also includes a seven point plan to aid sufferers recovery from the disease. An important inclusion are more than 100 questions that patients should consider asking their doctors. Alternative therapies are discussed in some detail. The book should appeal to newly-diagnosed men as well as to men that have more advanced prostate cancer. It covers metastatic cancer in detail as well as the very latest therapies available to men with a challenging diagnosis. It also includes details on 24 future developments that might be the treatments of tomorrow.

Alan, after tertiary studies, spent almost his entire working life in the commercial side of the science industry, marketing scientific and medical equipment and running the peak industry association for laboratory technology in Australia. He also served on a number of Australian Government-initiated reviews and committees. His father died with prostate cancer aged 95, his brother has suffered from the same disease for more than 15 years. Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012 and wasnt happy with the treatment options initially offered by his doctors. He spent 10 weeks in Seoul, South Korea in 2013 having Proton Beam Therapy, a treatment not available in Australia. He termed the phrase "The Cancer Anxiety Factor" that afflicts all newly diagnosed PCa patients. A large motivation in his writing his first book "An ABC of Prostate Cancer in 2015" was to provide such men with a host of alternatives that might better suit their circumstances and to encourage them to take a more proactive role in managing their condition. This book became a bestseller on Amazon reaching #2 out of 650 books on prostate cancer. “An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today – 3rd Edition”, is an updated and expanded version of his 2nd Edition book, which was also a best-seller. The new edition provides comprehensive information on metastatic cancer. The book also describes “My Journey over 4 Continents to find the Best Cure” and are packed with vital information for prostate cancer sufferers.

* Vital Questions to Ask your Doctors for each Treatment.
* The Latest Diagnostic and Genetic Tests Explained.
* Ten Different Proven Treatments Fully Covered.
* Food and Dietary Considerations to Enhance Outcomes.
* The Challenges of Metastatic Cancer Fully Discussed.
* Extensive Radio Interviews.
* Mailings to Probus Clubs; Men’s Sheds; Prostate Cancer Support Groups.
* In – Store Book Signings.

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