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Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation


Michael Bunting has been teaching mindfulness to executive leaders and business people for more than 16 years. During that time he has learnt to teach this subject to a rushed and cynical audience who need both a simplified and sophisticated approach to the subject. This book has been requested by his multinational clients for over a decade. Michael’s co-author, Patrick Kearney, is one of the world’s leading scholars on the 4 foundations of mindfulness (THE guide to mindfulness). Patrick brings an uncommon depth and clarity to the subject. The book is written specifically for beginners and for business people. However, it also takes the subject further than just a beginner’s guide and allows the reader to venture into deeper mindfulness territory. Throughout, it remains  simple, easy to understand, and cynic-proof. Although it reads as a stand-alone book, it also serves as a companion guide to Michael’s book, The Mindful Leader. Additionally, the book comes with bonus downloadable video and audio instructions to make it even more attractive. An iPhone and Android app associated with the book will also be available at time of launch.

Michael Bunting is the founder of the leadership consultancy WorkSmart Australia. He has trained and coached thousands of leaders, from CEOs to front-line leaders. WorkSmart consults to organisations ranging from global multinationals through to medium-sized businesses in the area of leadership, mindfulness, engagement, alignment, values and culture. He is the author of The Mindful Leader (Wiley, June 2016)  and co-authored Extraordinary Leadership in Australia & New Zealand (Wiley, Feb 2015), with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner the world’s premier researchers and authors in the field of leadership.

- Both a beginner’s guide and an intermediate guide. A 2 for 1 book


- Written by an author who is a recognized expert in business leadership and who has co-authored a book with 2 global heavyweights in the leadership field – Kouzes & Posner


- Co-authored by a recognized world class scholar on the 4 foundations of mindfulness, the source teaching for the entire modern mindfulness movement


- Comes with free audio and video content to help the reader along with their practice


- Written in a no nonsense, common sense, Buddhist free manner, so it is accessible to both deeply spiritual people as well as cynics

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