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Have you thought about buying an investment property but just dont know where to start? Are you looking for a property portfolio that sets you on the path to financial freedom? Well at long last, heres a book for aspiring property investors who want to acquire multiple properties. Felicity has developed a comprehensive four-step framework that includes a duplicable process to get you started and keep you going in building your own property portfolio. This framework is based on Felicity’s personal experience in acquiring 151 properties in less than 10 years. The four steps covered in the book are: Foundation – if you do nothing else, this section provides simple yet profound insights on how to become financially independent so you never have to worry about money again. Acquisition – learn to recognise that a good deal is based on the numbers rather than the property itself. Possession – simple strategies that can dramatically improve your properties cash flow and help you acquire more property. Accumulation – learn how building a great team, the impact of lag and the right mindset will help you achieve amazing results. Extraordinary Property Investing is bursting with priceless tips and strategies that will demystify the path of acquiring multiple properties.

FELICITY HEFFERNAN is a remarkable woman who has achieved what most people would consider impossible. Starting out with, a workable plan of action and burning desire to know property investment, she acquired 151 houses in a 10-year period. Felicity is also the CEO and founder of a mortgage brokering business – Property Loan Advisor and uses her property investment experience to work with and help clients structure their finance requirements for a growing property portfolio. Felicity is a woman on a mission, her passion, experience and desire to share a system to improve the lives of people who want financial independence. Felicity is also a popular key note speaker at various different property investor groups in Australia and the USA. Her presentations are delivered in an entertaining, engaging and informative way and draws on her own property investing journey sharing the powerful lessons learnt along the way.


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