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Chariot of Knowledge


Discover the lost history of the Ancient Olympic Games. In popular belief, the Olympic Games were primarily a Greek invention. Yet, this perception covers a secret history that connects the games not only to the "classical" societies of the Greeks and Romans, but also to the Bible, earlier Middle Eastern mythologies, and the supposedly barbarian tribes of northern and western Europe. Chariot of Knowledge finally reveals the long-hidden story of the wider traditions that the Ancient Olympics were just one part of. Based on years of research into ancient sporting events and European mythology, Sandra and Ivo Rato connect the famous games to a nigh-universal set of mystical beliefs that reach all the way back to the roots of Indo-European civilisation. In doing so, they also reveal the motivations that have seen these truths repressed for so many centuries. Buy this book today, on the eve of this years games in Brazil, to uncover the startling secrets behind their ancient origins.

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