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#WTF is happening with my life?

A guide to getting you sh*t together
Gen Y has been called many things but what no one associates with this generation is spirituality. #WTF is happening with my life? A guide to getting your sh*t together, is one Gen Y’s attempt to locate herself on a spiritual path that doesn’t have a Like button attached or Kardashian selfies as sign posts. The book concept offers a fresh and contemporary perspective of a spiritual journey, told through the eyes of a Gen Y author. It encourages readers to adopt a higher perspective on life, challenging existing assumptions and attitudes. It empowers the reader by enhancing personal power and responsibility. Told through a collection of real life anecdotes about the author’s life and what has been personally learned, the reader will be challenged to look at their own life through their own eyes rather than the lens of an iPhone.
Jacqueline Cripps holds degrees in Social Sciences and Psychology and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Jacqueline completed a Magazine Writing course through the Australian Writer’s Centre in 2014. She has also completed relevant writing courses for Government. Jacqueline has a professional background in policing, child protection, investigations and project management. Her professional experience has also led her into leadership and management roles. Jacqueline is currently employed as a project manager within the public service. She is based in Melbourne, Victoria. In 2015, Jacqueline completed a University thesis (10,000 words), examining best practice interviewing of alleged child sex abuse victims. Jacqueline received a distinction for this thesis. Jacqueline’s employment has afforded extensive experience in research, investigations, report and brief writing, peer review and editing. In March 2015, Jacqueline published her first article in An Alternative Voice, a bi-monthly Victorian publication. This article, titled Harbouring Social Media: The Gen Y Dilemma explored the impacts of social media on spirituality for ‘Generation Y’. Jacqueline has an author website (including a blog page) and engages with the public via Instagram and Facebook: • Website: • Facebook: • Instagram: Her previous blog Soul Musings contained weekly lessons and musings []
Chapter 1 #Absent childhood: A lesson in personal integrity Chapter 2 #Family: A sometimes unfortunate situation Chapter 3 #To starve or not to starve: Diary of a teenage anorexic who became a depressed adult Chapter 4 #Dating and relationships: Horror, humor and more horror Chapter 5 #Overqualified, overstudied and unsatisfied: Memoirs of a constant achiever Chapter 6 #But it’s what I should be doing right? Drowning in uncertainty Chapter 7 #Connected or disconnected? Harboring social media Chapter 8 #Exploring spiritual development: The ongoing journey of self-discovery EPILOGUE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS NOTES
Research indicates there is consistent and growing demand for self- help and transformational books. In fact, since the 1960s the growth of the industry has expanded significantly. Research indicates that the majority of self-help books are written for middle-aged, educated and affluent people; 70% of which are reported to be women. While a niche market already exists for well-known authors in the field of spirituality, transformation and self-help, these authors often do not pitch at the Gen Y audience, highlighting a gap in the market. Topics on spirituality and wellbeing are increasingly becoming more popular and commonly accepted among society. This is reflected through an increasing promotion of wellness in the community, growth of wellbeing activities (such as yoga and meditation, and mind body spirit festivals and events) and topics/articles frequently discussed in magazines, newspapers and social media. Unlike other books on the subject, this book : • offer a fresh and contemporary perspective on spirituality and transformation through the eyes of a Generation Y author. • cover a broad range of themes (rather than single) and illustrate the interconnected nature of all areas of life, as illustrated by the spiritual focus. • examines common mental health issues in the context of a spiritual perspective. • stimulates the interest of the reader as it is written in an engaging, no-nonsense style. Furthermore, each chapter is self-contained so that the book can be read in any order, at the pace of the reader • challenges the reader to shift their perspective and assume responsibility. • helps the reader feel more connected with themselves and their everyday life experiences.
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