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Hip Replacement:

Experts Answer Your Questions
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Each year, more than 300,000 adults in the United States undergo hip replacement surgery. What can the many people experiencing hip pain in this country expect before, during, and after surgery? Hip Replacement'part of a new series of Johns Hopkins University Press books on specific surgical procedures'is designed to provide quick answers to all of the most common questions individuals have about hip surgery and the recovery process.
Focusing on the patient experience, this frank and easy-to-use book highlights real patient experiences with hip pain, diagnosis, and treatment. The book:
  • discusses basic hip anatomy
  • describes the symptoms of hip arthritis
  • explores alternative treatments, including lifestyle changes, medications, and surgical treatments other than hip replacement
  • reviews the entire recovery process, including preferred exercises to help speed your recovery and how quickly you can return to certain activities
  • features a glossary of key terms and a list of frequently asked questions
  • contains numerous sidebars touching on important points to consider, questions to ask your doctor, red flags, and risks
  • is supplemented with useful illustrations and photographs
    The book's concise format allows readers to peruse the content quickly in the days leading up to surgery and then refer to it during the recovery period. Written by experts in the field, Hip Replacement is destined to become the most trusted book on this topic.
    Contributors: Roy Aaron, MD, Valentin Antoci Jr., MD, PhD, Travis Blood, MD, Eric Cohen, MD, Matthew Deren, MD, John Froehlich, MD, MBA, Derek R. Jenkins, MD, Dominic T. Kleinhenz, MD, Scott Ritterman, MD, Lee E. Rubin, MD

    Chapter 1. Overview of Hip Arthritis, by Dominic T. Kleinhenz and Valentin Antoci, Jr.
    Chapter 2. Is Total Hip Replacement Right for You?, by Travis Blood and Roy K. Aaron
    Chapter 3. Preparing for Total Hip Replacement, by Matthew E. Deren and Lee E. Rubin
    Chapter 4. Surgery and Hospital Stay, by Scott Ritterman and John Froehlich
    Chapter 5. After Surgery, by Eric Cohen and Derek R. Jenkins
    Frequently Asked Questions
    About the Editors and Contributors

    "The words 'You have arthritis in your hip' will likely shock you. How is life going to change? Conceived with you, the patient, in mind, this easy-to-read, informative, well-organized, and well-written book will take you on a journey from the basics of hip arthritis to what to expect before, during, and after surgery." — Rafael Sierra, MD, Mayo Clinic
    "Hip replacement can be a life-changing operation, but the prospect of undergoing major surgery is daunting to many people. In this book, Dr. Rubin and colleagues explain everything patients need to know about hip replacement surgery in an easy-to-read format that is up to date with modern techniques." — H. John Cooper, MD, Columbia University Medical Center
    "A concise yet comprehensive review of total hip arthroplasty uniquely written with the patient in mind. The book provides answers to patients' questions and helps set them at ease when preparing for and recovering from surgery. I wish all of my patients had access to this great resource!" — Jeremy Gililland, MD, University of Utah
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