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The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success

How to Use Your Brain's Executive Skills to Keep Up, Stay Calm, and Get
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Are you smart, scattered, and struggling? You're not alone. Cutting-edge research shows that today's 24/7 wired world and the growing demands of work and family life may simply max out the part of the brain that manages complex tasks. That's especially true for those lacking strong executive skills--the core brain-based abilities needed to maintain focus, meet deadlines, and stay cool under pressure. In this essential guide, leading experts Peg Dawson and Richard Guare help you map your own executive skills profile and take effective steps to boost your organizational skills, time management, emotional control, and nine other essential capacities. The book is packed with science-based strategies and concrete examples, plus downloadable practical tools for creating your own personalized action plan. Whether on the job or at home, you can get more done with less stress. See also the authors' Smart but Scattered parenting guides, plus an academic planner for students and related titles for professionals.
I. Understanding the Executive in Your Brain 1. Are You Smart, Scattered, and Stressed? 2. Your Executive Skills Profile 3. Managing Executive Skills by Modifying the Environment 4. Improving Your Executive Skills II. Understanding the Impact of Executive Skills in Your Daily Life 5. Executive Skills in the Workplace 6. Executive Skills in the Home 7. Executive Skills in Relationships III. Strategies for Individual Executive Skills 8. Controlling Impulses: Response Inhibition 9. Keeping Track of It All: Working Memory 10. Being Cool: Emotional Control 11. Avoiding Procrastination: Task Initiation 12. Staying Focused: Sustained Attention 13. Defining a Path: Planning/Prioritizing 14. Clearing Clutter: Organization 15. Sticking to the Schedule: Time Management 16. Shifting Gears: Flexibility 17. Learning from Experience: Metacognition 18. Reaching the Finish Line: Goal-Directed Persistence 19. Rolling with the Punches: Stress Tolerance IV. Looking Ahead 20. Aging without Losing Your Edge: A Prescription for Preserving Executive Skills Resources
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