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Re-Visioning Family Therapy 3/e

Addressing Diversity in Clinical Practice
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A leading text for courses that go beyond the basics of family systems theory, intervention techniques, and diversity, this influential work has now been significantly revised with 65% new material. The volume explores how family relationships--and therapy itself--are profoundly shaped by race, social class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other intersecting dimensions of marginalization and privilege. Chapters from leading experts guide the practitioner to challenge assumptions about family health and pathology, understand the psychosocial impact of oppression, and tap into clients' cultural resources for healing. Practical clinical strategies are interwoven with theoretical insights, case examples, training ideas, and therapists' reflections on their own cultural and family legacies. New to This Edition *Existing chapters have been thoroughly updated and 21 chapters added, expanding the perspectives in the book. *Reflects over a decade of theoretical and clinical advances and the growing diversity of the United States. *New sections on re-visioning clinical research, trauma and psychological homelessness, and larger systems.
I. Theoretical Perspectives 1. The Power of Naming, Monica McGoldrick & Kenneth V. Hardy 2. Re-Visioning Gender, Re-Visioning Power: Equity, Accountability, and Refusing to Silo, Deidre Ashton & Christian Jordal 3. Social Class, Economic Inequality, and the American Dream, Froma Walsh 4. The Sociocultural Trauma of Poverty: Theoretical and Clinical Considerations for Working with Poor Families, Kenneth V. Hardy 5. Spirituality, Suffering, and Resilience, Froma Walsh II. Sociocultural Trauma and Homelessness 6. Homelessness and the Spiritual Meaning of Home, Monica McGoldrick 7. Transnational Journeys, Celia Jaes Falicov 8. Climbing Up the Rough Side of the Mountain: Hope, Culture, and Therapy, Paulette Moore Hines 9. Toward a Psychology of the Oppressed: Understanding the Invisible Wounds of Trauma, Kenneth V. Hardy III. Racial Identity 10. Native American Identity Transformation: Integrating a Naming Ceremony with Family Therapy, Rockey Robbins & Sharla Robbins 11. Letting My Spirits Guide Me: Multicultural and Multiracial Legacies, Nydia Garcia Preto 12. Moving toward Multiracial Legitimacy: A Personal Reflection, MaryAnna Domokos-Cheng Ham 13. On Being a Black Dominican, Ana M. Hernandez 14. Facing the Black Shadow: Power from the Inside Out, Marlene F. Watson 15. White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences through Work in Women's Studies, Peggy McIntosh 16. Dismantling White Male Privilege within Family Therapy, Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio 17. The Inevitable Whiteness of Being (White): Whiteness and Intersectionality in Family Therapy Practice and Training, Jodie Kliman, Hinda Winawer, & David Trimble 18. Brown in America: Living with Racial and Religious Bias, Kiran Shahreen Kaur Arora IV. Cultural Legacies and Stories: Therapists' Experiences 19. Black Genealogy Revisited: Restorying an African American Family, Elaine Pinderhughes 20. White Privilege, Pathological Shame and Guilt, and the Perversion of Morality, Robert Shelby 21. The Discovery of My Multicultural Identity, Fernando Colon-Lopez 22. Going Home: One Orphan's Journey from Chicago to Poland and Back, John Folwarski 23. Hyperlinked Identity: A Generative Resource in a Divisive World, Saliha Bava 24. The Semitism Schism, Revisited: Jewish-Palestinian Legacies in a Family Therapy Training Context, Linda Stone Fish & Donna Dallal-Ferne 25. No Single-Issue Lives: Identity Transitions and Transformations across the Life Cycle, Elijah C. Nealy V. Implications for Clinical Practice 26. Working with LGBT Families, Elijah C. Nealy 27. Same-Sex Couples: Successful Coping with Minority Stress, Robert-Jay Green 28. Working with Immigrant and Refugee Families, Hugo Kamya & Marsha Pravder Mirkin 29. Therapy with Heterosexual Black Couples through a Racial Lens, Kenneth V. Hardy & Christiana I. Awosan 30. A Fifth-Province Approach to Intracultural Issues in an Irish Context: Marginal Illuminations, Imelda Colgan McCarthy & Nollaig O'Reilly Byrne 31. The Power of Song to Promote Healing, Hope, and Justice: Lessons from the African American Experience, Salome Raheim 32. Interracial Asian Couples: Beyond Black and White, Tazuko Shibusawa VI. Implications for Training 33. Re-Visioning Family Therapy Training, Kenneth V. Hardy & Monica McGoldrick 34. Social Justice in Family Therapy Training: The Power of Personal and Family Narratives, Matthew R. Mock 35. Teaching about Racism and the Implications for Practice, Norma Akamatsu 36. A Letter to Family Therapists in the 21st Century, Evan Imber-Black VII. Implications of Research for Clinical Practice 37. Ways of Knowing: Cultural Bias Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Research to Inform Practice, Sarita Kaya Davis 38. Relational Healing and Organizational Change in the Time of Evidence, Ken Epstein VIII. Larger Systems Work: How to Build Bridges Across The Divide 39. Expanding Bowen's Concept of Societal Emotional Processes through Historic Ethnography: An Anthropological Exploration of the Human Connection with the Environment, Joanne Bowen 40. An Application of Bowen Family Systems Theory in Child Welfare, Walter Howard Smith, Jr. Index
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