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Mom Brain

Proven Strategies to Fight the Anxiety, Guilt, and Overwhelming Emotions
  • ISBN-13: 9781462540266
  • Author: Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco (Founder and Director, North Jersey Center for Anxiety and Stress Management, Summit, NJ)
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  • Local release date: 26/05/2021
  • Format: Paperback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 274 pages Weight: 320g
  • Categories: Counselling & advice services [JKSN2]Psychotherapy [MMJT]
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Becoming a mother is a joyful rite of passage, but it can also bring overwhelming emotional upheaval, exhaustion, and self-doubt. And is it any wonder? Motherhood changes everything, right down to a woman's brain chemistry. No one understands "mom brain" better than psychologist Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco, a mother of two herself who specializes in treating women with young children. In this compassionate guide, Dr. Dobrow DiMarco shares science-based psychological strategies to help moms cope with common challenges and make peace with their transformed identity. Candid, witty stories from her own life and the lives of women she has worked with illustrate ways to tame self-critical thoughts; navigate the "new normal" of work, marriage, and friendships; and mindfully accept the highs and lows of parenting--even in the toughest moments.
Introduction 1. "What's Happened to My Head?": "Mom Brain" and How CBT Can Help 2. "What's Happened to My Heart?": Understanding the Emotional Roller-Coaster Ride of Motherhood 3. "Who Am I Now That I'm a Mom?": Redefining Who You Are and How You Work 4. "Why Can't I Stop Worrying?": How to Cope When You Sweat the Small (and Big) Stuff 5. "Why Don't I Feel Safe?": Managing Fears about Germs, Illness, and Other Threats 6. "How Can I Possibly Find Time to Shower When I Have to Take My Toddler to Her French Lessons?": Taking Care of Yourself While You're Taking Care of Your Kids 7. "Why Can't My Life Be More Instagrammable?": Coping with Comparison-Making and Social Media 8. "Why Can't I Mom Perfectly?": What to Do When You Expect Too Much of Yourself 9. "How Can I Nurture My Relationship When I'm Busy Nurturing This Kid?": Navigating Changes and Challenges with Your Partner 10. "Who's the Mother Here?": Coping with Extended Family 11. "Where Has My Social Life Gone?": Fitting Friendships into Your New Life 12. "Why Isn't Anyone Having Fun?": Navigating Vacations, Holidays, and Special Events with Young Kids Appendix: Values Worksheet Resources
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