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Best Practices of Literacy Leaders, Second Edition

Keys to School Improvement
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This authoritative text and practitioner resource has now been extensively revised and expanded with 70% new material covering new topics and standards in literacy leadership. Prominent experts present research-based methods for improving instruction, assessment, and professional learning experiences in PreK-12. The distinct roles of teachers, reading/literacy specialists, literacy coaches, special educators, and principals are explored, with an emphasis on fostering a culture of collaboration. Chapters highlight the standards that apply to each component of a schoolwide literacy program, give examples of what they look like in schools, and share implications for classroom practice and professional learning. Pedagogical features include guiding questions, case examples, vignettes, engagement activities, and annotated resources for further learning. New to This Edition *Now copublished with the International Literacy Association (ILA) and grounded in ILA's updated Standards 2017; expanded grade range includes PreK. *Chapters on new topics: writing instruction, sustaining schoolwide improvements, and collaborative leadership. *New chapters on core topics: the principal's role, assessment, middle and high school literacy programs, special education, and culturally responsive instruction. *Vignettes from leaders in diverse roles, "Think About This" questions for discussion/reflection, and end-of-chapter annotated resources.
I. Roles 1. Literacy Leadership in a Culture of Collaboration, Rita M. Bean 2. Teachers as Literacy Leaders, Allison Swan Dagen, Aimee Morewood, & Christina Glance - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Katy Carroll) 3. The Reading/Literacy Specialist: Still a Multifaceted Role, Rita M. Bean - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Susan Porter) 4. Literacy Coaches as Literacy Leaders, Jacy Ippolito & Joanna Lieberman - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Michael P. Henry) 5. The Principal's Role in Literacy Leadership, Lori Helman & Katie Pekel - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Melissa Sonnek) 6. PreK-12 Literacy Programs: Moving from Curriculum to Collaboration to Collective Efficacy, Sharon Walpole & Megan N. Vitale II. Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation 7. Using Literacy Assessment to Improve Student Learning, Virginia Goatley, Cheryl Dozier, & Jaime Puccioni 8. PreK/Primary Schoolwide Literacy Programs, Anne McGill-Franzen & Natalia Ward 9. Literacy Leadership in the Elementary/Intermediate School Reading Program, Janice A. Dole, Sheree E. Springer, & Kerry A. Herman 10. Middle and High School Literacy Programs: Attending to Both Instructional and Organizational Challenges, Jacy Ippolito, Christina L. Dobbs, & Megin Charner-Laird 11. Differentiated Literacy Instruction, Jennifer Jones Powell, Lisa Aker, & Heidi Anne E. Mesmer - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Sheri Vasinda) 12. Fostering Effective Writing Instruction across the Grades, Sarah J. McCarthey & Carrie L. James - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Mellinee Lesley) 13. Literacy and Leadership in the Digital Age, Jill Castek & Carolyn B. Gwinn - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Justin Aglio) III. Contexts of Schooling 14. Literacy Leadership in Special Education, Donna M. Scanlon, Virginia Goatley, & Kathleen Spring 15. Culturally Responsive Literacy Instruction, Doris Walker-Dalhouse & Victoria J. Risko - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Valerie Kinloch) 16. Academic Language and Literacy Development for English Learners, MaryEllen Vogt - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Celia Banks) 17. Developing Effective Home-School Literacy Partnerships, Jeanne R. Paratore, Lilly M. Steiner, & Susan Dougherty - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Shawna Zervos) 18. Enactment of Reading Policy: Leading and Learning for Literacy and Equity, Sarah L. Woulfin & Britney Jones - Vignette: Literacy Leadership in Action (Sean Kottke) 19. Sustaining Literacy Practices That Transform Teaching and Learning, Lori DiGisi, Julie Meltzer, Lynn Schade, & Stephanie Maze-Hsu 20. Schools as Places of Learning: The Powerful Role of Literacy Leaders, Allison Swan Dagen & Rita M. Bean Index
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