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Cognitive Behavior Therapy 3/e

Basics and Beyond
  • ISBN-13: 9781462544196
  • Author: Beck, Judith S., Ph.D.
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  • Local release date: 12/01/2021
  • Format: Hardback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 414 pages Weight: 700g
  • Categories: Psychotherapy [MMJT]
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Hundreds of thousands of clinicians and graduate students have relied on this text--now significantly revised with more than 50% new material--to learn the fundamentals of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Leading expert Judith S. Beck demonstrates how to engage patients, develop a sound case conceptualization, plan individualized treatment, structure sessions, and implement core cognitive, behavioral, and experiential techniques. Throughout the book, extended cases of one client with severe depression and another with depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder traits illustrate how a skilled therapist delivers CBT and troubleshoots common difficulties. Adding to the third edition's utility, the companion website features downloadable worksheets and videos of therapy sessions. New to This Edition *Chapter on the therapeutic relationship. *Chapter on integrating mindfulness into treatment. *Presents recovery-oriented cognitive therapy (CT-R)--which emphasizes clients' aspirations, values, and positive adaptation--alongside traditional CBT. *Pedagogical features: clinical tips, reflection questions, practice exercises, and videos at the companion website. *New case examples featuring clients with more complex problems. *Demonstrates how to integrate strategies from other modalities, such as acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.
1. Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy 2. Overview of Treatment 3. Cognitive Conceptualization 4. The Therapeutic Relationship 5. The Evaluation Session 6. The First Therapy Session 7. Activity Scheduling 8. Actions Plans 9. Treatment Planning 10. Structuring Sessions 11. Problems in Structuring Sessions 12. Identifying Automatic Thoughts 13. Emotions 14. Evaluating Automatic Thoughts 15. Responding to Automatic Thoughts 16. Integrating Mindfulness into CBT 17. Introduction to Beliefs 18. Modifying Beliefs 19. Additional Techniques 20. Imagery 21. Termination and Relapse Prevention 22. Problems in Therapy Appendix A. CBT Resources Appendix B. Beck Institute Case Write-Up: Summary and Conceptualization Appendix C. Steps in the AWARE Technique Appendix D. Restructuring the Meaning of Early Memories Through Experiential Techniques
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