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The Handbook of Developmentally Appropriate Toys

Table of
The handbook is composed of chapters by authors who discuss the important features of particular types of toys, provide information related to the developmental importance of this type of toy, discuss social and cultural issues engendered by play with such toys, and review the available research on the characteristics and potential impact on children's developmental progress of toys of that type. Both traditional toys and technological toys are discussed. The handbook is expected to serve both as a reference for educators, parents, toy designers, and other interested readers, and as a catalyst for further research and ongoing toy development. Its purpose includes helping readers to gain knowledge that enables them to more fully appreciate the value of children's toy play, find out more about the favorite toys they had in childhood and relive those satisfying play experiences, and learn how to foster the learning, physical development, and social-emotional growth that comes from such toy play.
Doris Bergen, PhD, is a distinguished professor of educational psychology emerita at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Her research interests have focused on play theory and humor development, including effects of technology-enhanced toys on play, adult memories of childhood play, and gifted children's humor. She also is a Miami University Distinguish Scholar.
Foreword Preface Introduction Section I: Toys as Cultural Phenomena Chapter 1: The Role of Toys in Promoting Children's Development Doris Bergen Chapter 2: Developmentally Appropriate Insights from the National Toy Hall of Fame Christopher Bench Chapter 3: Cultural History of Developmentally Appropriate Toys Dorothy Sluss Section II: Developmentally Appropriate Toys Chapter 4: Large Blocks and Building Materials Lynn Cohen Chapter 5: Small Blocks and Building Materials Eleni Loizou Chapter 6: Bicycles and Other Riding Toys Valerie Ubbes Chapter 7: Dolls and Animal Replicas John Sutterby Chapter 8: Finger/Hand Puppets and Marionets Olga Jarrett Chapter 9: Climbing Toys and Structures Doris Bergen Chapter 10: Airplanes, Kites, Rockets/Drones Jason Abbitt Chapter 11: Balls, Beanbags, Frisbees Darrel Davis Chapter 12: Replica Cars, Trucks, Trains, Other Vehicles Annerieke Boland Chapter 13: Science Toys Shirley Morganthaler Chapter 14: Crayons and Paints Theresa Settleberry Chapter 15: Kitchen/Household Implement Replicas Dorothy Sluss Chapter 16: Real Life and Fantasy Dress up Clothes and Materials Brooke Spangler Chapter 17: Board Games/Technology Augmented Games James Johnson & Sonia Twari Chapter 18: Craft/Workshop Replicas Sandra Stone Chapter 19: Indigenous Toys Jean-Pierre Rossie Chapter 20: Books Kathleen Roskos Chapter 21: Puzzles and Musical Toys Doris Bergen & Gail Burnett Chapter 22: Technology-Augmented Dolls, Animals, and Vehicles Sohyun Meacham & Myae Han Chapter 23: Other Technology-Augmented Play Materials Lena Lee Section 3: Future of Developmentally Appropriate Toys Chapter 24: Designing Developmentally Appropriate Toys Barry Kudrowitz Chapter 25: Promoting Developmentally Appropriate Toys in a Changing Child Cultural World Doris Bergen Author Information
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