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Manifesting Happy: How to Maintain Self-Care Amid Challenging Behaviors

How to Maintain Self-Care Amid Challenging Behaviors and Challenging Tim
  • ISBN-13: 9781475856743
  • Author: Jenna Sage
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  • Local release date: 09/07/2021
  • Format: Hardback (229mm X 152mm) 100 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Teacher training [JNMT]Diseases & disorders [MJC]Psychiatry [MMH]
Table of
Manifesting Happy is a journey of self-care for educators. The book is recognition of the essential capacity that educators fulfill each and every day. By combining two foundational theories, the dimensions of wellness and applied behavior analysis, readers will create a comprehensive self-care plan by which they can manifest a stronger sense of self and well-being. The book provides an overview of the eight dimensions of wellness and introduces opportunities to gain a better sense of holistic balance. Readers will be exposed to the science of behavior analysis and the benefits of grounding wellness to the scientific principle of the functions of behavior. Through an easy to follow four step planning process of Discover, Define, Design, and Do educators can create a self-care plan that will help them to manifest their happy in order to best support students in the classroom. The book also includes self-care strategies to practice and even ideas to implement with students.
Jenna Sage is a dedicated educator and author with a passion for supporting holistic well-being. As an applied behavior analyst she uses the science of behavior to improve quality of life for educators and students.
Introduction Chapter One Metanoia Self- Care and the Journey to Changing One's Mind What is self-care Why is self-care important for educators Eight Dimensions of Self-Care Balancing Act Self-Care Synergy Chapter Two Prajna Insights into Applied Behavior Analysis What is Applied Behavior Analysis Classical Conditioning Operant Conditioning Forming Habits ABCs of Behavior Reinforcement and Punishment Schedules of Reinforcement Self-Care Synergy Chapter Three Ancora Imparo Wellness in the Learning Space Habits in the Classroom ABA in the Classroom Classroom Connections Self-Care Synergy Chapter Four Ikigai Understanding the Reason for Being Understanding Why Functions of Behavior Working Together Self-Care Synergy Chapter Five Amat Victoria Curam Planning and Preparation for Self-Care Planning for Self-Care Discover Self-Care Synergy Chapter Six Kujichagulia Creating and Defining Self-Care Define Self-Care Synergy Chapter Seven Eunoia Designing a Well Balanced Self-Care Plan Design Sensory Activities Escape/Avoid Activities Attention Activities Tangible Activities Self-Care Synergy Chapter Eight Meraki Put your Self-Care Plan in Action Do Self-Care Synergy Chapter Nine Kalo Self-Care for Students Candle Blowout Crossing the Meridian Proprioceptive Positions Tuck Like an Armadillo Countdown to Calm Self-Care Synergy Conclusion Self-Care is a Practice Be Observant Be Flexible Be Diligent Be Patient Be Kind
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