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The Outdoor Adventurer's Guide to Yoga

Practices for Strong and Balanced Hiking, Climbing, Paddling, and Cyclin
A brief introduction to yoga and the eight limbs will be followed by alignment, breathing and then postures specifically for outdoor activities. Activities covered will include hiking, cycling, climbing, and paddling. Specific poses and practice flows will be outlined as well as meditations, breath work and syncing with nature's rhythms. Leave no trace principles will be tied in with the foundational yoga philosophy as well as observance of our place in nature. Readers will be inspired to incorporate yoga practices into their lives on and off the trail, bike, wall, or water.
Jana Kilgore is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher based in Kauia, Hawaii. She also spends time each year working in her previous-home of California and leading yoga and backpacking retreats through the American west.
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