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Kingdoms of Life

This book introduces children to the six groups of life forms ("Kingdoms") that scientists have defined as anything that grows, reproduces, and eats: Archaea, Bacteria, Protists, Animals, Plants, and Fungi. Illustrated in Allen-Fletcher's inimitable, bright, style, it is a journey through all life forms as we know them, from bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye, to mold and mushrooms (Fungi), and to the animals that thrive in all manner of conditions. "Our world is full of wonders, but there is so much left to discover. We know more about the moon than he deepest parts of our oceans. Every year, more and more incredible discoveries are made. What will we discover next?"
- Carly Allen-Fletcher is a freelance illustrator living and working in the Midlands, UK. She studied Illustration at Loughborough University. Her work explores the combination of digital painting and traditional media, creating images by layering graphic shapes with painted textures and handmade elements. She is inspired by nature and geometric forms. She has illustrated Theseus and the Minotaur and Children's Classic Bible Stories for Quantum, division of Quarto, and in 2015 she won a silver prize (1,000 pounds) from the UK Association of Illustrators in the "London Spaces and Places" category. Carly is also the author/artist of two board books, Goodnight, Seahorse and Goodnight Forest. View her work here: http: //
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