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Howard Thurman's Philosophical Mysticism

Love against Fragmentation
  • ISBN-13: 9781498552752
  • By Anthony Sean Neal
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  • Local release date: 16/03/2019
  • Format: Hardback (240.00mm X 150.00mm) 132 pages Weight: 370g
  • Categories: Religion & beliefs [HR]
Table of
African American Philosophy and African American Philosophers have played a central role in understanding and also shaping what it means to be black in America. Some of their conclusions were reactions to the mistreatment they received from the majority population, but other of their conclusions were extensions and/or novel positions taken with a view through past perceptual lenses. Yet, with the mass exodus of black students from HBCU's after the civil rights era, many of the important figures and their inquiries have been little or poorly studied. The significance of this work is found in its attempt to grapple with one such seminal figure, his memory of his ancestors, and the education he received from Morehouse College (in the Atlanta University Center), all of which formed the roots of the ideas he later produced. Howard Thurman, former Dean of Marsh Chapel at Boston University, and mentor to figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr., left quite a large ideological footprint; however, just as others of his milieu, his ideas have been largely overlooked. Thurman's deep-rooted knowledge of black culture, particularly black religious ideas as they existed during the period of African enslavement in the United States and as they were exhibited in the Negro Spirituals, shaped his thinking and allowed him to produce a body of work grounded in the musings and traditions of his ancestors. This volume investigates, forms an analysis, and even critiques Thurman's work such that others can benefit from the profundity of his thoughts while also taking note of their relevance for today's philosophers concerned with humanity.
Introduction Chapter 1 An Emergent Beginning: A Philosophical (Genealogical) History of the Intellectual Antecedents to Howard Thurman Chapter 2 Creatively Encountering Oneness: Howard Thurman's Mystical Logic (A Logical Analysis of Thurman's Theology) Chapter 3 Deepening the Hunger: Philosophical and Theological Poetics (A Humanistic Analysis of Thurman's Meditations and Poetry) Chapter 4 Intrinsic Love Conclusion: Logical Extensions. Examining the Tapestry: Consequences of Howard Thurman's Thought
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