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A Brief Introduction to Christianity

  • ISBN-13: 9781506450322
  • Publisher: 1517 MEDIA
  • Author: Christopher Partridge
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  • Local release date: 30/11/2018
  • Format: Paperback 140 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Christianity [HRC]Christian theology [HRCM]Christian life & practice [HRCV]
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This brief introduction to Christianity is designed to help readers understand this important religious tradition. With both nuance and balance, this text provides broad coverage of various forms of Christianity with an arresting layout with rich colors. It offers both historical overviews and modern perspectives on Christian beliefs and practices. The user-friendly content is enhanced by charts of religious festivals, historic timelines, updated maps, and a useful glossary. It is ideal for courses on Christianity and will be a useful, concise reference for all readers eager to know more about this important religious tradition and its place in our contemporary world.
Christopher Partridge is professor of religion at Lancaster University. Tim Dowley is a historian and prolific author and editor of Bible and theology resources. He is the author of The Student Bible Atlas (Fortress Press, 2015), Christian Music: A Global History (Fortress Press, 2011), and The Christians: An Illustrated History (2007) and editor of The Atlas of Christian History (Fortress Press, 2016) and The Atlas of the European Reformations (Fortress Press, 2015), among many other titles.
Preface Part 1: Understanding Religion 1. What is Religion? 2. Phenomenology and the Study of Religion 3. The Anthropology of Religion 4. The Sociology of Religion 5. The Psychology of Religion 6. Theological Approaches to the Study of Religion 7. Critical Theory and Religion 8. Ritual and Performance Part 2: Christianity 9. A Historical Overview 10. Jesus 11. Sacred Writings 12. Beliefs 13. Worship and Festivals 14. Family and Society 15. Contemporary Christianity Gallery Rapid Fact-Finder Index Picture Acknowledgements
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