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The World of the Old Testament:

A Curious Kid's Guide to the Bible's Most Ancient Stories
The stories of the Old Testament portray a world completely foreign from our own. Curious kids riveted by these stories are likely to come away with questions. Who were the people who lived in the time and place in which these stories were set? How did they work? What did they eat? What were their families and tribes like? How did they fight? What did they believe about God, kings, enemies, and the world around them? And above all, what does any of it have to do with how we read and understand the books that make up the first half of the Bible? The World of the Old Testament: A Curious Kid's Guide to the Bible's Most Ancient Stories answers these questions and more, with colorful illustrations, charts, graphs, maps, and other infographics that will keep kids' attention for hours, and send them back to the Bible with surprising new insights and understanding. Curious Kids' Guides present cool and surprising information about Christian history and beliefs in an entertaining, visually engaging way for kids.
Marc Olson is a theologian and a former pastor. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pacific Lutheran University, and a Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary. He was also awarded the Seminary's International Preaching Fellowship in 2007, which resulted in a year abroad, studying and teaching with his family in Tanzania as well as Israel and Palestine. Marc lives in St Paul, Minnesota with his son, Sigurd, and their Basset Hound, Bruce. He also drives a garbage truck. As a child, Jemima Maybank was inspired to draw exotic animals as the next best thing to having them. Her style is inspired by the minimal shapes and subtle use of textures seen in mid-century children's books, and she makes sure to include nature in her work. She lives in England.
"...Utterly fascinating from cover to cover and a "must" for personal, public, school, and church library collections. Highly recommended!" --Midwest Book Review
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