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There's No Crying in Newsrooms

What Women Have Learned about What It Takes to Lead
  • ISBN-13: 9781538121498
  • Author: Gilger, Kristin and Wallace, Julia and Brown, Campbell
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  • Local release date: 14/11/2019
  • Format: Hardback (238.00mm X 159.00mm) 216 pages Weight: 458g
  • Categories: Press & journalism [KNTJ]
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There's No Crying in Newsrooms tells the stories of remarkable women who broke through barrier after barrier at media organizations around the country over the past four decades. They started out as editorial assistants, fact checkers and news secretaries and ended up running multi-million-dollar news operations that determine a large part of what Americans read, view and think about the world. These women, who were calling in news stories while in labor and parking babies under their desks, never imagined that 40 years later young women entering the news business would face many of the same battles they did - only with far less willingness to put up and shut up. The female pioneers in "There's No Crying in Newsrooms" have many lessons to teach about what it takes to succeed in media or any other male-dominated organization, and their message is more important now than ever before.
Foreword: We Learn From Each Other's Experiences, and We Have Lots to Learn Campbell Brown Acknowledgments Introduction: Finishing the Job We Started 1 Too Wimpy or Too Bitchy? Finding an Effective Way to Lead 2 From Getting Coffee to Running the Place3 Dealing with the Lechers Among Us 4 The Dollars and Sense of Diversity 5 A Short History of the First Female Editor of the New York Times 6 Changing the News: How Women Shape Culture and Coverage 7 What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Balancing Work and Family 8 The Unfulfilled Promise of Digital Media 9 The Next Generation: What Has Changed and What Has Not List of Interviews Notes Index
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