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Below the Surface

The History of Competitive Swimming
  • ISBN-13: 9781538142929
  • Author: John Lohn
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  • Local release date: 05/08/2021
  • Format: Hardback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 240 pages Weight: 600g
  • Categories: History of sport [WSBX]Swimming & diving [WSSC]
A fascinating, in-depth look at the history of competitive swimming and the people and moments that have defined the sport. From the first modern Olympic Games to the present, Below the Surface: The History of Competitive Swimming covers all the greatest moments, top rivalries, legendary swimmers, and biggest controversies in swimming history. It features athletes like Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky, who have elevated the sport to an unprecedented level, and individual performances that are groundbreaking and awe-inspiring, such as Australian Fanny Durack becoming the first female Olympic gold medalist in 1912 and Jason Lezak leading the US to a come-from-behind victory in the 400 freestyle relay at the 2008 Olympics. While controversies such as doping and the advent of tech suits have troubled the sport, a new generation of athletes have produced fresh enthusiasm for competitive swimming. Below the Surface offers little-known stories, unique insight, and a detailed history of a great sport with a remarkable past and an exciting future.
John Lohn has served as the United States correspondent for SwimVortex and as the senior writer for Swimming World Magazine. He has covered the sport at the national and international levels since 2000, including the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympics. Lohn is the author of Historical Dictionary of Competitive Swimming (2010), They Ruled the Pool: The 100 Greatest Swimmers in History (2013), and The Most Memorable Moments in Olympic Swimming (2014).
Below the Surface is one of the most comprehensive and entertaining books I have ever read on competitive swimming. John's love and passion for the sport resonates on every page--Rowdy Gaines, three-time Olympic gold medalist and the Voice of Swimming for NBC John Lohn has become one of the world's foremost experts on the history of modern swimming. His insights and careful research bring our sport to life and rekindle the emotions of our past glories.--Bob Bowman, coach of 28-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps
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