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Pinnacle on the Mound

Cy Young Award Winners Talk Baseball
Cy Young Award winners spanning fifty years of baseball history reflect on their iconic seasons, keys to success, and most memorable moments. In Pinnacle on the Mound: Cy Young Award Winners Talk Baseball, ten pitchers who were recognized as the best in the game share fascinating stories from their years in the majors. Featuring pitchers such as Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley and five-time Gold Glove Award winner Ron Guidry, this book offers captivating insight into the players' different approaches to the game, how they honed their skills, and what was happening behind the scenes in their award-winning seasons. From fastballs to sinkers, curveballs to knuckleballs, this diverse group of pitchers found success in many different ways, whether it was mastering a new pitch or taking on the role of a closer. Including All-Stars Jim Lonborg, Mike McCormick, Randy Jones, Ron Guidry, LaMarr Hoyt, Dennis Eckersley, Jack McDowell, Barry Zito, R.A. Dickey, and Corey Kluber, Pinnacle on the Mound makes fifty years of baseball history come alive.
Doug Wedge is an attorney and freelance writer. He is the author of two baseball history books, The Cy Young Catcher with Charlie O'Brien and Baseball in Alabama: Tales of Hardball in the Heart of Dixie.
There are enough baseball books in the world to fill Yankee Stadium and probably Fifth Third Field, home of the Toledo Mud Hens, too. But you need to make room for one more, thanks to Doug Wedge, whose passion for the game, mercifully, has not been diminished by the current obsession with spin rates, launch angles, and all things analytic. In Pinnacle on the Mound, Wedge offers readers ten profiles of Cy Young winners, every one of them rich with insight, honesty, and pitching wisdom. If you love baseball and have ever wanted to crawl into the psyche of an elite pitcher, to understand their craft, their doubts, and their unending pursuit of outs, Pinnacle on the Mound is a must read.--Wayne Coffey, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Closer, with Mariano Rivera, and Wherever I Wind Up, with R.A, Dickey Pinnacle on the Mound gives the reader a person-to-person account of what it takes to win baseball's most coveted pitching honor -- the Cy Young Award. Ten men, ten different stories, make this book a must-read for any fan who wants the inside scoop.--Jerry Reuss, former major league player and author of Bring in the Right-Hander!
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