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Speak Out with Clout 2ed

  • ISBN-13: 9781551808390
  • Author: Boyle, Charles
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  • Local release date: 14/11/2009
  • Format: Paperback (229mm X 152mm) 128 pages Weight: 180g
  • Categories: Public speaking guides [CBP]
Table of
You don't have to be a professional public speaker to make an effective speech in public. Using this book as a guide, you can learn the simple, proven techniques for effective speechmaking, whether you are the president of a large corporation or the chairperson of a small club. Most courses on how to be a good speaker require memorization, and call for months of study plus continual practice. The method in this book will save you time because it focuses on the key techniques for eye contact and for conversational reading that can make the words from a script come out sounding ad-libbed and genuine.This book also explains how to make an impression upon the media so that the message of your speech reaches a wider audience.Learn how to —
  • prepare a speech,
  • calm your nerves before giving a speech,
  • make sure you don't forget anything,
  • keep eye contact with your audience,
  • use other people's quotes in your speech,
  • use and write a press release, and
  • handle a television interview after your speech.
  • PREFACE xi1 SPEECHES SATISFY 1Who Will Listen? 6What Speeches Do for You, Your Cause,or Your Company 7For the individual 10For the companies and causes 11The Message 13How to Get Speaking Engagements 15For companies 17For the individual 172 SCRIPTS 19How to Use Scripts 26How to Get It Down on Paper(Yourself or with the Help of a Ghost Writer) 33Ideas and words — keep them simple 34Ghost writers 41Visuals 45vi Speak out with clout3 READY, SET, GO! 51Ready 53Set 54Go 564 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 59Answering Questions 62Some general guidelines 63Recognize the nature of the question 64Hecklers 64When to Wrap It Up 655 CLIENTS QUESTION ME 676 THE NEWS MEDIA AND YOUR SPEECH 81The Fourth Estate 85The Nature of News and Newspeople 88News Releases 93Writing the News Release 97Your Speech and the News Media 99News Conferences 101The Interview 106Facing the TV Camera 107A Final Word about the News Media 108FIGURES1 Half-paging a script 292 Sample script with diacritical markings and wide margins 313 Good ""ear"" writing 374 Script for use with slides 475 News release 986 Stressing your points 101
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