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Memories, Hopes, and Conversations

Appreciative Inquiry, Missional Engagement, and Congregational Change
  • ISBN-13: 9781566997836
  • By Mark Lau Branson
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  • Local release date: 14/08/2016
  • Format: Paperback (100.00mm X 100.00mm) 286 pages Weight: 440g
  • Categories: Christianity [HRC]
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Memories, Hopes, and Conversations is a powerful resource that introduces readers to Appreciative Inquiry-a transformational organizational change process that focuses on the strengths of a group. The second edition has been revised and expanded throughout, featuring important new materials on leadership and missional frameworks, as well as five chapters from pastors describing the transformational experiences of their churches and neighbors using Appreciative Inquiry. The book offers a dynamic overview of the Appreciative Inquiry process, real stories of change in action, and a wealth of practical resources for churches to pursue this journey of appreciation, imagination, and change. The second edition includes dynamic stories of Appreciative Inquiry in practice from: Christopher Gobrecht (New Covenant United Methodist Church, Maryland), Jim S. Amstutz (Akron Mennonite Church, Pennsylvania), Jean Burch (Community Bible Church, California), Andrew Menzies (Camberwell Baptist Church, Australia), Michael R. Wilson (Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church, Pennsylvania).
List of Tables and Figures Preface Part I. Appreciative Inquiry and Congregational Change 1.Beginning Change: Weariness to Anticipation 2.Design and Theory: Frameworks for Appreciative Inquiry 3.Engaging Scripture: Memory, Thanksgiving, and Theological Reflection 4.Shaping a People through Appreciative Questions: Initiate and Inquire 5.Provoking Creative Change: Imagine and Innovate Part II. Five Church Narratives: How Did Appreciative Inquiry Change Your Relationship with Your Neighbors? 6.New Covenant United Methodist Church-Cumberland, Maryland Christopher Gobrecht 7.Akron Mennonite Church-Akron, Pennsylvania Jim S. Amstutz 8.Community Bible Church-Pasadena, California Jean Burch 9.Camberwell Baptist Church-Melbourne, Australia Andrew Menzies 10.Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church-Quarryville, Pennsylvania Michael R. Wilson Part III. Scripts and Schedules 11.Scripts 12.Schedules Notes Resources
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