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Working with Relationship Triangles

The One-Two-Three of Psychotherapy
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Virtually all significant relationships are shadowed by a third party another person, a competing distraction, or even a memory. This groundbreaking book provides clinicians with a hands?on guide to working with many different kinds of relationship triangles in therapy with families, couples, and individuals. The authors show why triangles come into being, how to predict their evolving nature, and how they can be dealt with and resolved in treatment. A wealth of clinical case material and treatment suggestions illustrates how thinking in terms of threes, as well as individuals and dyads, can greatly increase therapeutic flexibility and effectiveness. This book will be of interest to therapists from a range of backgrounds working with families, couples, and individuals, as well as students of psychotherapy and counseling. It serves as a text for courses and training programs in individual, couple, and family therapy.
Series Editor's Note, Michael P. Nichols1. Relationship Triangles: Evolution of the Concept2. The Relevance of Triangles in Clinical Context3. Addressing Triangles in Therapy4. The Structure of Relationship Triangles5. Emotional Process within Triangular Structure6. The Interaction of Structure, Process, and Function7. Introducing Triangles in Individual Therapy8. Coaching and Direct Intervention with Triangles in Individual Therapy9. Extrafamilial Triangles in Marital Conflict10. Marital Triangles within the Family11. Child and Adolescent Triangles12. Symptomatic Child and Adolescent Triangles within the Family13. Conclusion: Becoming a ""Triangle Doctor""
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