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The Form of News

A History
  • ISBN-13: 9781572307919
  • Author: Barnhurst, Kevin G.; Nerone, John
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  • Local release date: 24/08/2002
  • Format: Paperback (235.00mm X 156.00mm) 326 pages Weight: 466g
  • Categories: Communication studies [GTC]Press & journalism [KNTJ]USA [1KBB]
Table of
The newspaper has always been a privileged form of communication in the United States. Law accords it a seriousness often denied other media, and popular culture endorses its power to expose and enlighten. Why are newspapers seen as instruments of democracy? How do they succeed or fail in their mission? And how does the experience of reading them shape our identity as citizens? This book offers a fresh perspective on the history of newspapers in the United States. Although most scholars think the newspaper works through its content, this history looks deeper into form: ways of writing; systems of organization; and genres of presentation, including typography, space, and pictures. Richly illustrated with archival material, the book traces the changing "look" of the news from the Revolutionary era to the present day. It explores both how we see newspapers and how newspapers imagine us - as citizens, voters, consumers, and spectators.
Chapter 1. The Form of News: Style, Production, and Social Meaning, 1750-2000 Part I. Before Modernism Chapter 2. The Founding Forms: Politics and the Work of Newspapers, 1750-1850 Chapter 3. Commercialization: The Newspaper and the Market Revolution, 1780s-1880s Part II. The Role of Pictures Chapter 4. Civic Picturing: The Regime of Illustrated News, 1856-1901 Chapter 5. The President Is Dead: Pictures and Journalistic Values, 1881-1963 Part III. The Rise of Modernism Chapter 6. The Front Page: Measuring Modernism and Its Phases, 1885-1985 Chapter 7. Visual Mapping: Modern Design and Cultural Authority, 1920-1940 Part IV. After Modernism Chapter 8. Beyond Modernism: Americanization and Its Consequences, 1910-2000 Chapter 9. Spectators and Their Spectacles: Forms of Knowledge, Forms of Power References Index
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