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Shame and Guilt

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Shame and guilt have captured the attention of scholars and clinicians for generations, but have only recently begun to be subjected to systematic empirical scrutiny. This book reports on the growing body of knowledge on these key self-conscious emotions, integrating findings from the authors' original research program with other data emerging from clinical, social, personality, and developmental psychology. The authors demonstrate that shame and guilt have significant-and surprisingly disparate-implications for many aspects of human functioning, with particular relevance for interpersonal relationships. The book examines such compelling topics as the varying levels of empathy shown by "shame-prone" and "guilt-prone" individuals; links to anger, hostility, and aggression; and effects of shame and guilt on psychological adaptation and moral behavior. Clinical applications of the research are discussed in depth, as are methodological and assessment issues; developmental considerations; and implications for parenting, education, and social policy.
1. What Is So Important about Shame and Guilt? 2. What Is the Difference between Shame and Guilt? 3. Assessing Shame and Guilt 4. Our ""Intrapersonal"" Relationship: The Self in Shame and Guilt 5. Moral Emotions and Interpersonal Sensitivity: Empathy Enters the Picture 6. Shamed into Anger?: The Special Link between Shame and Interpersonal Hostility 7. Shame, Guilt, and Psychopathology 8. The Bottom Line: Moral Emotions and Moral Behavior 9. Shame and Guilt across the Lifespan: The Development of Moral Emotions 10. Sex, Romance, and Conflict: Shame and Guilt in Intimate Relationships 11. Implications for Therapists: Shame and Guilt on Both Sides of the Couch 12. Looking Ahead: Implications for Parents, Teachers, and Society Appendix A. Tables of Findings from Studies of Shame and Guilt Appendix B. Measures of Shame and Guilt References Index
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