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Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatments

  • ISBN-13: 9781585623044
  • Author: Gabbard, Glen O. (Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Train
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  • Local release date: 30/10/2008
  • Format: Hardback (229mm X 150mm) 896 pages Weight: 1306g
  • Categories: Psychiatry [MMH]Psychotherapy [MMJT]
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For many years, psychotherapy was criticized for lacking an empirical base, but the basis for that criticism has gradually changed as neurobiological research has advanced and the number of efficacy studies has expanded. The growing literature empirically validating psychotherapy as a treatment, and the abundance of psychotherapies now available, make a comprehensive textbook of psychotherapeutic treatments in psychiatry of central importance, both to practitioners and to trainees in psychiatry and other mental health professions. Glen O. Gabbard, author or editor of more than 22 books and over 280 scientific papers and book chapters, is a leader in the fields of psychiatry and psychoanalysis. He has assembled 50 of the world's most renowned experts in every psychotherapeutic school of thought to create this definitive volume, sure to become the standard text for all student and practicing psychotherapists, whatever their background -- psychiatry, psychology, or social work. This authoritative work boasts many must-have features: All the major psychotherapeutic modalities are addressed in one volume, including sections on psychodynamic psychotherapy; cognitive therapy; interpersonal psychotherapy; supportive psychotherapy; family systems therapy; the different modalities of couples, group, and family therapies; dialectical behavioral therapy; and mentalization-based therapy. This comprehensive, utterly current overview of the field is versatile and can be used as a textbook for a course; as a reference for the mental health professional who needs to match a specific type of therapy to a particular patient; or as a clinical handbook. The sections are structured in a consistent manner, with each featuring individual chapters on theory, technique, indications and efficacy, and the combination of psychotherapy and medication. This allows for the therapies to be easily compared and contrasted and makes navigating the volume effortless. The text provides chapters on the neurobiological underpinnings of psychotherapy -- a burgeoning field -- and on the nature of professional boundaries in psychotherapy -- as indispensable to the student first contemplating personal and professional ethics as to the clinician actively embodying them. In addition to the major individual psychotherapies, group, family, and couples therapy are covered, as well as integrative therapies evolved from different models. Treatment outcome depends on carefully matching the therapeutic modality to the patient or client, and this book will both facilitate and enhance that meticulous process. Up-to-date, scientifically rigorous, and exhaustive in its scope, the Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatments is the "go-to" text and reference for the knowledgeable, conscientious psychotherapist, in training and in practice.
Preface. Part 1: Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Theoretical models of psychodynamic psychotherapy. Techniques of psychodynamic psychotherapy. Techniques of brief psychodynamic psychotherapy. Applications of psychodynamic psychotherapy to specific disorders: efficacy and indications. Combining psychodynamic psychotherapy with medication. Part 2: Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Theory of cognitive therapy. Techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Applications of individual cognitive-behavioral therapy to specific disorders: efficacy and indications. Combining cognitive-behavioral therapy with medication. Part 3: Individual Interpersonal Psychotherapy. Theory of interpersonal psychotherapy. Techniques of individual interpersonal psychotherapy. Applications of individual interpersonal psychotherapy to specific disorders: efficacy and indications. Combining interpersonal psychotherapy with medication. Part 4: Individual Supportive Psychotherapy. Theory of supportive psychotherapy. Techniques of individual supportive psychotherapy. Applications of individual supportive psychotherapy to psychiatric disorders: efficacy and indications. Combining supportive psychotherapy with medication. Part 5: Group, Family, and Couples Therapy. Family systems theory and practice. Couples therapy. Emotionally focused couples therapy: an attachment-based treatment. Psychodynamic couples therapy: an object relations approach. Behavioral couples therapy. Psychodynamic group therapy. Family intervention for psychotic and severe mood disorders. Group cognitive-behavioral therapy for chronic pain. Part 6: Forms of Psychotherapy Integration. Theory and practice of psychotherapy integration. Theory and practice of dialectical behavioral therapy. Theory and practice of mentalization-based therapy. Brain processes informing psychotherapy. Professional boundaries in psychotherapy. Index.
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