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Justice and Rights

Christian and Muslim Perspectives
  • ISBN-13: 9781589014893
  • Author: Ipgrave, Michael
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  • Local release date: 21/10/2009
  • Format: Paperback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 192 pages Weight: 295g
  • Categories: Religious issues & debates [HRAM]Christianity [HRC]Islam [HRH]
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"Justice and Rights" is a record of the fifth 'Building Bridges' seminar held in Washington, DC in 2006 (an annual symposium on Muslim-Christian relations cosponsored by Georgetown University and the Church of England). This volume examines justice and rights from Christian and Muslim perspectives - a topic of immense relevance for both faiths in the modern world, but also with deep roots in the core texts of both traditions. Leading scholars examine three topics: scriptural foundations, featuring analysis of Christian and Muslim sacred texts; evolving traditions, exploring historical issues in both faiths with an emphasis on religious and political authority; and the modern world, analyzing recent and contemporary contributions from Christianity and Islam in the area of freedom and human rights.
IntroductionChristian and Muslim PerspectivesMichael IpgravePart I Scriptural Foundations 1. The Ruler and the Ruled in Islam: A Brief Analysis of the SourcesMohammad Hashim Kamali2. Biblical Perspectives on Divine Justice and Political AuthorityEllen Davis 3. Scriptural Texts3.1 Two PsalmsEllen Davis3.2 Twelve Verses from the Qur' nMustansir Mir3.3 Two New Testament TextsMichael Ipgrave3.4 Seven a d thTimothy J. Winter Notes Part II Evolving Traditions 4. Religious Orthodoxy and Religious Rights in Medieval Islam: A Reality Check on the Road to Religious TolerationVincent J. Cornell 5. Une Foi, Une Loi, Un Roi: Political Authority and Religious Freedom in the West, from Constantine to Jefferson John Langan 6. Traditional Texts6.1 A Letter of St. AugustineRowan Williams6.2 A Response of ibn LubbVincent Cornell6.3 A Treatise of al-Ghaz l Vincent Cornell6.4 A Treatise of Martin LutherMiroslav Volf Notes Part III The Modern World 7. Human Rights and the Freedom of ReligionMalcolm Evans 8. Modern Texts8.1 The Barmen DeclarationMiroslav Volf8.2 Writings of Imam Khomeini Seyed Amir Akrami8.3 The Second Vatican Council on Religious FreedomCarolyn Evans8.4 Two Islamic Declarations on Human RightsFikret Karcic Notes Index
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