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9781598573152 Add to Cart Academic Inspection Copy

The Power of RTI and Reading Profiles

A Blueprint for Solving Reading Problems
  • ISBN-13: 9781598573152
  • Author: Spear-Swerling, Louise
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  • Local release date: 30/12/2014
  • Format: Paperback (254.00mm X 178.00mm) 248 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Literacy [CFC]Reading skills [CJCR]Teaching of students with specific learning needs [JNSG]
This one-of-a-kind text explains why RTI is today's best approach for preventing reading difficulties-and how research on reading profiles can enhance the power of RTI. For practitioners, the book provides a complete, evidence-based blueprint for using RTI and reading profiles in tandem to plan effective core literacy instruction and help struggling readers in Grades K-6, whether they have disabilities or issues related to experience (e.g., ELLs, children from poverty backgrounds). For researchers and policymakers, the book describes ways to help ensure higher reading achievement for every student, including improvements in core reading instruction, use of RTI practices and the Common Core State Standards, and teacher preparation. READERS WILL understand why RTI is the best approach for preventing reading difficulties-and why RTI should be used in identification of learning disabilities learn how diverse reading problems can be understood in relation to poor reader profiles discover how to make sound, research-based decisions about core reading curricula, interventions, and RTI practices such as universal screening explore the most effective interventions for key components of reading and language learn to identify and address word recognition difficulties, comprehension difficulties, and "mixed" reading problems involving both decoding and comprehension clarify which skills and knowledge every teacher of reading should have examine ways to better prepare educators to teach at-risk readers PRACTICAL MATERIALS: The case studies and practical examples cover a broad range of reading problems and help make the latest research findings applicable to everyday practice.
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