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Motivational Interviewing 3/e

Helping People Change
  • ISBN-13: 9781609182274
  • Author: Miller R. William (University of New Mexico, USA); Stephen Rollnick (PhD, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Wales, UK)
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  • Local release date: 04/11/2012
  • Format: Hardback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 482 pages Weight: 782g
  • Categories: Psychiatry [MMH]Psychotherapy [MMJT]
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This bestselling work for professionals and students is the authoritative presentation of motivational interviewing (MI), the powerful approach to facilitating change. The book elucidates the four processes of MI--engaging, focusing, evoking, and planning--and vividly demonstrates what they look like in action. A wealth of vignettes and interview examples illustrate the "dos and don'ts" of successful implementation in diverse contexts. Highly accessible, the book is infused with respect and compassion for clients. The companion Web page provides additional helpful resources, including reflection questions, an extended bibliography, and annotated case material. This book is in the Applications of Motivational Interviewing series, edited by Stephen Rollnick, William R. Miller, and Theresa B. Moyers. New to This Edition: *Reflects major advances in understanding and teaching MI. *Fully restructured around the new four-process model. *Additional case examples and counseling situations. *Reviews the growing evidence base and covers ways to assess MI fidelity. Pedagogical Features Include: *Online reflection questions and annotated cases, ideal for classroom discussion. *Key points at the end of each chapter. *Engaging boxes with special topics and personal reflections. *Extended bibliography and quick-reference glossary.
I. What Is Motivational Interviewing? 1. Conversations about Change 2. The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing 3. The Method of Motivational Interviewing II. Engaging: The Relational Foundation 4. Engagement and Disengagement 5. Listening: Understanding the Person's Dilemma 6. Core Interviewing Skills: OARS 7. Exploring Values and Goals III. Focusing: The Strategic Direction 8. Why Focus? 9. Finding the Horizon 10. When Goals Differ 11. Exchanging Information IV. Evoking: Preparation for Change 12. Ambivalence: Change Talk and Sustain Talk 13. Evoking the Person's Own Motivation 14. Responding to Change Talk 15. Responding to Sustain Talk and Discord 16. Evoking Hope and Confidence 17. Counseling with Neutrality 18. Developing Discrepancy V. Planning: The Bridge to Change 19. From Evoking to Planning 20. Developing a Change Plan 21. Strengthening Commitment 22. Supporting Change VI. Motivational Interviewing in Everyday Practice 23. Experiencing Motivational Interviewing 24. Learning Motivational Interviewing 25. Applying Motivational Interviewing 26. Integrating Motivational Interviewing VII. Evaluating Motivational Interviewing 27. Research Evidence and the Evolution of Motivational Interviewing 28. Evaluating Motivational Conversations Appendix A. Glossary of Motivational Interviewing Terms Appendix B. A Bibliography of Motivational Interviewing, Christopher J. McLouth
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