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Don't Fix Me, Fix the Workplace

A Guide to Building Constructive Working Relationships

There are many books on improving working relationships however they are based in interpersonal skills. While acknowledging that interpersonal skills provide the ‘social glue’ for working relationships, this book identifies the working environment as the cause of most conflict at work. The book identifies the causes of workplace conflict and how to create the right working environment that enables constructive working relationships. Interpersonal skills have limited value in a workplace and/or a working relationship which is otherwise flawed in its design or subject to ineffective leadership. To have constructive working relationships requires an environment that both enables it and sustains it. This
environment is created by:
• Setting the expectations on how all employees are to work
• Providing effective organizational design
• Clearly defining roles and role relationships
• Providing effective systems of work
• Developing interpersonal skills
• Building strong manager-employee relationships that actually work.

PETER MILLS has over three decades of experience in human resources management in a range of industries, including engineering, manufacturing, investment, business equipment/IT, petroleum and utilities.
He has held senior roles in organizations such as Sydney Water, Canon, Warman International and Caltex. He was also a board member for WaterAid. Peter gained significant leadership experience: As a human resources specialist As a member of the executive leadership team in both the private and public sector Working as a leader directly with his own team on setting goals, improving performance and achieving business outcomes.
As an adviser and coach to CEOs, managers and non-managers Peter has led hundreds of team members in their leadership journey and presented at numerous conferences on a range of people management topics. 
He and his teams have excelled in many areas and won many awards.
These include: Women in Leadership – Diversity@Work Awards.  Work life Balance – Diversity@Work Awards. Best Graduate Intake Program – HR Leadership Awards.  Best Change Management Strategy – HR Leadership
Awards Entry Level Program (Finalist). International Water Association – Professional Development Award. Best HR Strategic Plan – HR Leadership Awards.

An holistic and integrated model for building constructive working relationships - A model that does not just try to fix the person but specifies how to fix the organization - If the causal factors are not changed, then conflict will remain unresolved - This book provides an approach that considers the whole working environment, not an assumption that something is wrong with the individual - It provides a model for constructive working relationships based on specific understandings of people at work.

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