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Funny Business

Management Unmasked

Funny Business: management unmasked is an exposé of management as it is practiced in business, government and the
non-profit sector. Keywords are explained through humour, making them better understood than a library of management textbooks. Management theories and applications are made memorable through savage wit and fearless comedy. This book is an ideal gift for bosses, peers and subordinates to give to each other. It is similarly useful to distribute at conferences and seminars, to question assumptions and the status quo. Each business word in the book holds a bundle of meanings, and can serve to create entertaining and productive discussions.

Rodney Marks is a comedian, hoax speaker and corporate imposter. He presents funny keynote speeches that are almost
believable. Benjamin Marks. The less said about him the better. He has never ghostwritten for anyone. Robert Spillane is a Professor and former Dean of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, where he has taught for over 40 years. He teaches philosophy in the hope that it will be applied to management and psychology in the hope that it will not. See

Funny Business: management unmasked delivers an A to Z of management definitions that are both funny and true - Perhaps it’s the shock of recognition that makes the explanations funny.

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