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Caribbean Seashore Life (Criaturas del Litoral Caribeno)

A Guide to the Life in the Littoral Zone (Bilingual)
The Caribbean Sea is a semi-enclosed basin of the western Atlantic Ocean that includes over 8,388 miles (over 13,500 km) of coastline, a zone that is characterized by coral reefs, mangroves, seagrasses, sandy beaches, and rocky shores. These tropical ecosystems contain a high diversity of flora and fauna, and constitute a major marine biodiversity hot spot. This beautifully illustrated 12-panel waterproof folding guide to Caribbean Seashore Life highlights 120 species of seashore birds, mammals, seashore creatures, seashells, nearshore fishes, marine plants and algae, and coastal plants that are most likely to be encountered along the Caribbean coast. Ideal for field use by residents and visitors alike. Made in the USA.
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