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Tecumseh's War

The Epic Conflict for the Heart of America
  • ISBN-13: 9781647120061
  • Author: Hickey, Donald R.
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  • Local release date: 30/12/2021
  • Format: Hardback (254mm X 178mm) 456 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: History of the Americas [HBJK]Social & cultural history [HBTB]
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A history of the last great Native American war in North America. At the dawn of the nineteenth century, Native American dominance of the Northwest Territory was threatened by a series of treaties designed to open the land to US settlement. In response, a coalition of tribes launched what would come to be known as Tecumseh's War, named after the charismatic Shawnee war chief who was the guiding force behind the Native confederacy. Often treated today as an adjunct to the War of 1812, Tecumseh's War deserves to be disentangled from that conflict and studied in its own right. As author Donald R. Hickey shows, at stake was nothing short of the future of Native Americans in the heart of North America. With the might of the British behind them, it was the last time that Native Americans stood any realistic chance of defending their lands and their freedom. The history of this pivotal conflict features larger-than-life figures including Tecumseh, Tenskwatawa "the Prophet," and Black Hawk on the Native side; and Thomas Jefferson, William Henry Harrison, and Richard M. Johnson on the US side. The defeat of the American Indians coupled with the British decision to abandon them in peace negotiations with the United States had catastrophic consequences for the Indian nations by opening the Old Northwest to a flood of white settlers. Tecumseh's War is military history at its finest, placing the Native American struggle against white settlement in North America front and center.
Preface Acknowledgments Note on Terminology and Numbers Prologue: At the Thames, October 5, 1813 Part 1: The Seeds of Conflict 1. Lalawethika's Vision 2. The Prophet's Appeal 3. Jefferson's Policy toward American Indians 4. Jefferson's Hammer in the West 5. The Land Cession Treaties 6. The Black Sun 7. Britain Conflicted Part 2: The Road to Tippecanoe 8. The Rise of Tecumseh 9. War Clouds in the West 10. Tecumseh Heads South 11. General Harrison's Urgency 12. A Frontier Army Takes Shape 13. The March to Prophetstown 14. The Americans Make Camp 15. The Battle of Tippecanoe 16. The War of Words 17. Tecumseh's Confederacy Unbowed Part 3: Tecumseh's War Widens 18. War against Britain 19. General Hull Marches to Detroit 20. Defending Canada 21. The American Indian Way of War 22. A Timid General 23. Mackinac Surrenders 24. Hull's Mounting Problems 25. The Fall of Detroit 26. Death Stalks Fort Dearborn 27. The Borderlands in Flames Part 4: The Indians Ascendant 28. Harrison Takes Charge 29. Tecumseh's Three-Pronged Offensive 30. Harrison's Scorched-Earth Response 31. US Supply Problems 32. Skirmishing at the Rapids 33. Victory and Defeat at Frenchtown 34. Bloodbath on the River Raisin Part 5: The Tide Turns 35. Construction of Fort Meigs 36. John Armstrong's Intervention 37. Assault on Fort Meigs 38. Slaughter at Fort Miamis 39. The Last Invasion of Ohio 40. The War Farther West Part 6: America Victorious 41. Perry on Lake Erie 42. We Have Met the Enemy 43. Harrison Invades Canada 44. The Pursuit of General Procter 45. Death and Defeat on the Thames 46. Collapse of Tecumseh's Confederacy Part 7: War on the Periphery 47. The Alliance Renewed 48. Prairie du Chien 49. Warfare on the Mississippi 50. Mackinac Targeted 51. Lake Huron in Play 52. General McArthur's Raid 53. The Last Battle Part 8: Peace 54. The Fate of an American-Indian Barrier State 55. The War Finally Ends 56. The Conquered Heroes 57. The Victors' Legacy Epilogue: Empire v. Justice Essay on Sources Selected Bibliography Endnotes Index About the Author
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