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C'est ce qu'on dit with website PB (Lingco)

Deuxieme annee de francais, Student's Edition

Cest ce quon dit with Website is a second-year (intermediate-level) companion textbook to the beginning-level textbook Comme on dit, and as such follows the same basic format and principles: students work with hundreds of samples of authentic, nonscripted spoken and written French and are led in a step-by-step manner from rule discovery to the acquisition of speaking, reading, writing, and listening competence. The homework activities and inductive presentation of grammar guarantee a completely student-centered approach, as student input is required in each and every exercise. Given the more advanced focus of Cest ce quon dit, exercises lead students to expand their competence not just with conversational registers but with formal written and spoken registers, as well. The accompanying companion website–included with the book–offers audio and fully integrated exercises to use alongside the text. Programs that take advantage of the full range of speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and cultural expansion activities in Cest ce quon dit will find it to be a robust standalone program; however, in the event that programs prefer to include an outside content component, suggestions are offered in the preface and throughout each unit for ways to free up classroom time. By the end of Cest ce quon dit, an average student can be expected to have attained the competency objectives described as Advanced-Low on the ACTFL proficiency scale and as a B1 level on the Common European Framework scale (CEFR). To aid instructors in effectively implementing this distinctive approach, the Teachers Edition textbook comes with answers for all activities, plus teaching notes in the margins and extensive ancillary resources online.

Claude Grangier is a senior lecturer and the French Language Coordinator at the University of Chicago. With an academic background in philosophy, she has devoted over forty years to teaching French as a foreign language, researching foreign language teaching methodology, and developing language learning materials. Nadine OConnor Di Vito is a senior lecturer and former director of Romance Language Programs at the University of Chicago. She is the author of Patterns Across Spoken and Written French: Empirical Research on the Interaction Among Forms, Functions, and Genres. Marie Berg has been a lecturer in French at the University of Chicago for over ten years, during which time she has been teaching and developing material for third-year students.

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