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Australasian Nature Photography - AZANG 13/e

The year's best wildlife and landscape photos 2016

The bioregion that encompasses Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea possesses a unique natural heritage stretching back more than 80 million years, to the break-up of the great southern continent of Gondwana. The South Australian Museum and Australian Geographic focus on enhancing a general knowledge of this extraordinary legacy by encouraging photography of the region’s nature and landscapes, and promoting it in an annual competition to find the Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year. AUSTRALASIAN NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY:  the year’s best wildlife and landscape photos is a collection of ANZANG award-winning and shortlisted images from the 2016 competition. Each image is accompanied by technical information as well as anecdotes from the photographers themselves on how each photograph was taken. There are also useful insights from the judges, which help to shed light on how they came to select the winning images.

- Mammals, birds, sea creatures, insects, flora and landforms all beautifully presented in this must-have book

- Detailed camera information is included for each photo

- Judges commentaries accompany each entry

- Exhibitions of entrants in the South Australia Museum, Western Australia Museum and the Launceston Art Gallery

 - A gallery of images and info will run ABC, News and SMH, and the Daily Telegraph (among others)

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