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Cottage Rules:

An Owners Guide to the Rights & Responsibilities of Sharing Recreational Property
  • ISBN-13: 9781770402003
  • By Nikki Koski
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  • Local release date: 14/05/2014
  • Format: Paperback (225.00mm X 152.00mm) 112 pages Weight: 159g
  • Categories: DIY: general [WKD]
Table of
The Cottage Rules sets out no-nonsense, easy-to-use guidelines for cottage owners who share ownership with others. It deals with everything from succession to laundry. The rules work to prevent conflicts, so that your relationship with your partners can be either as close or as distant as you desire. This book shows cottage owners how to manage their cottage like a business, which in turn prevents disputes and frees their time and energy so they can use it to enjoy the cottage. With four cornerstones to the system (meetings, bookings, banking, and work weekends), the rules are easy to implement, flexible, and reliable. The Cottage Rules can help owners attain their dream of peaceful cottage ownership. A set of forms and samples are included as part of a download kit, which includes:

  • Partnership contract
  • Sample meeting agenda
  • Log book forms to record events and work done
  • Forms to track expenses
  • Lists for basic pantry items and a first-aid kit

    This long overdue second edition is much more comprehensive and includes the addition of 3 new chapters, 5 major lists, and 10 updated sections. It also features media quotes and reaction to the first version, insight on the cottaging lifestyle and what kind of attitude it takes to share amicably, plus more photos!

  • Set boundaries and regulations to avoid conflict
  • Ensure your viewpoint is heard and understood
  • Acknowledgments ixCreed xiIntroduction xiiiWhy Use These Rules? xivWho Can Use These Rules? xiv1 How Our Cottage Rules Evloved 1Bush Camp 2Manitoulin 3Inheriting the Cottage 3Coming Together 42 Overview 7The Eight Steps 7Your New Business — The Cottage 8A foundation for the Rules 8Contentsiv The Cottage Rules3 The Cottage Cornerstones 11The Basics 11The Four Cornerstones 12Meetings 13Booking 15Double booking 16Collection 17Time limits 17Reminders 18Bumping 18First come, first served 184 Money & Banking 21User Fees 22When to charge fees 22What to charge 23The Ledger: Keeping Track 24Banking 24Naming your accounts 29The double signature 29Borrowing money 30Realtors work 31Insurance and Capital Gains 31Succession Planning 32The will 325 A Written History 35The Log Book 35Website 376 Care & Maintenance 43Work Weekends 44Spring Cleaning 44Contents vPreparing for the Off Season 44Each Visit 46Using the Lists 467 Two Family Scenario 498 Paanndt rOyt,h Lear uHnodursye,k eeping 51Guests 52Cooking for guests 52Internet for guests 58Guests' pets 59Clothing 60Laundry 60With or without a cottage linen supply 60With a washing machine 61Security — Keys to Your Success 62Storage 63Safe storage: Non-shared items 63Things you may want to store 63Donations — Cash and In Kind 649 LGoevte CYoonunre Ectnevdir onment … 65Gardening 66Bird feeders 66Do It Naturally 66Garbage 68Energy 68Rain barrels 68Keeping It Chartreuse 69Pack a picnic and go exploring 7010 The Cottage Lifestyle 71vi The Cottage Rules11 Paperwork Can Be Good … 73Emergency Numbers 73First-Aid Kit 74More First Aid Tips 74Water and Fire Safety 77Water 77Fire 7812 Wrapping It Up 81PAaprptennedrsixh:i pT Aheg rCeoemttaegnet Rules 83Glossary 93The Download Kit 96Samples1. Agenda 142. Estimate of Expenses, Account ""B"" 253. Ledger for Account ""B"" 264. Yearly Expenses, Account ""A"" 285. Log Book 386. Fishing Log 417. Spring Opening Up: To Do List 458. Fall Closing Down: To Do List 479. Checking Out Checklist 4810. Basic Pantry Checklist 5411. Meal-Planning Checklist 5612. Menu Examples 5713. Emergency Telephone Numbers 7514. First-aid Kit Checklist 76
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