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Aging Safely In Your Home

  • ISBN-13: 9781770402195
  • Author: Poulin, Yvonne and Morrison, Gordon
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  • Local release date: 14/06/2015
  • Format: Paperback (226mm X 150mm) 136 pages Weight: 181g
  • Categories: Care of the elderly [JKSG]
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You need not move to live gracefully and safely as you age. A respected author taps into expertise on how your home can be modestly renovated to ease the physical challenges and provide a great quality of life in a familiar surrounding.
Introduction xvPart 1: Human Aspect of Aging Safely in Your Home —Personal Adaptations 11 Be Physically Prepared to Age Safely in Your Home 31. Get Regular Checkups 51.1 Visit your medical doctor 61.2 Visit your dentist 61.3 Visit your complementary health practitioners 72. Exercise Regularly 73. Eat a Healthy Diet 94. Monitor Your Medications 125. Manage Your Pain 13vi Aging Safely in Your Home6. Get Quality Sleep 157. Rate Yourself: Physical Activity 162 Maintain an Active Social Network 171. Keep in Close Touch with Your Innermost Circle 192. Be Actively Involved in Your Local Community 202.1 Tips to expand your community network 213. Ask for the Help You Need 223.1 Things you may need help with 233.2 Where to find the help you need 233.3 Obtaining emergency help 244. Use Transportation Options 245. Use Technology to Build Your Social Connections 266. Rate Yourself: Social Activity 273 Be Emotionally Happy in Your Home 291. Acknowledge Your Feelings 311.1 Tips for managing stress 322. Secure Your Future 322.1 Financial planning 332.2 Estate planning: Last will and testament 332.3 Living wills and advance health-care directives 343. Protect Yourself 354. Open Your Heart to Change 354.1 Tips for adapting to change 365. Rate Yourself: Emotional Activity 374 Keep Mentally Active 391. Recognize Cognitive Changes 412. Exercise Your Brain 432.1 Tips to keep mentally fit 433. Have a Zest for Life 453.1 Tips to create the zest for life 464. Make Time for Spiritual Practice 474.1 Nourish your spirit 47Contents vii5. Rate Yourself: Mental and Spiritual Activities 48Part 2: Housing Aspect of Aging Safely in Your Home 495 Rate Your Home 511. Assessing Your Location 542. Rating Your Home 553. Getting the Work Done 574. Cost Factors 586 Make Your Home Comfortable 611. Basic Comforts 631.1 Tips to make your home more comfortable 632. Organizing Your Home 642.1 Tips for organizing your home 643. Wants versus Needs 654. Maintaining Your Home 664.1 Cost considerations 665. Securing Your Home 685.1 Tips for securing your home 687 Adapt Your Home 691. Yard/Outdoor Space 702. Entryways 713. Doors and Windows 724. Hallways 745. Closets and Storage 756. Living/Family Rooms 757. Kitchen 768. Bedroom 779. Bathroom 7810. Stairs 7911. Furnishings 8012. Garages 8113. Additional Changes 81viii Aging Safely in Your Home14. Top Ten Adaptations 828 Renovate Your Home 831. Renovation Costs and Timelines 842. Choosing a Designer 852.1 Tips for finding a good designer 853. Choosing a Contractor 873.1 Tips for finding a good contractor 874. Contracts 885. Renovation Ideas 895.1 Travel routes and flooring 895.2 Kitchens 905.3 Bathrooms 915.4 One-level living space 915.5 Bedroom with en suite 915.6 Heating and cooling systems 925.7 Window and door replacements 925.8 Stair climbers, escalators, and elevators 935.9 Suite conversions 935.10 Garages 936. Top Five Renovations 949 Prevent Falls 951. Problems and Solutions 962. Ladder Safety 992.1 Tips for using a ladder safely 1003. Final Thoughts on Preventing Falls 101Conclusion 103Appendix: Signs That It's Time to Move 105Resources 1091. Websites 1091.1 Specific seniors' websites 1112. Books 111Contents ixDownload Kit 113Checklists1 Rate Yourself: Physical Activity 162 Driving Safely 253 Rate Yourself: Social Activity 284 Rate Yourself: Emotional Activity 375 Rate Yourself: Mental and Spiritual Activities 486 Rate Your Home 567 Top Ten Home Adaptations 828 Assess Your Loved One's Situation 107Diagrams1 Balanced Meal Portions 112 Recognize and Deal with Emotional Stress 313 Cognitive Decline 424 The Rate-Change Cycle 52Worksheets1 Organize the Work 602 Simplify the Maintenance 673 Top Five Renovations 944 Prevent Falls and Slips 97
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