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Business Cyberbullies and How To Fight Back

  • ISBN-13: 9781770402201
  • Author: Elicksen, Debbie
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  • Local release date: 16/04/2015
  • Format: Paperback (226mm X 152mm) 144 pages Weight: 181g
  • Categories: Business communication & presentation [KJP]
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In a matter of minutes, a reputation can be attacked and ruined online. Rumor-mongering, defamation, fake websites or sheer mischief with a business can cost you time, money and credibility. It isn't easy to know how to stop the siege and how to combat the harmful effects of cyberbullying. This book gives you a step-by-step guide to protect your brand, restore your image, and deal with the predators attempting to undermine your business. Debbie Elicksen, an experienced author on digital issues, provides practical advice that will minimize the damage and maximize the response at the most effective time. She speaks from personal experience as a victim of cyberbullying. She notes that, even when a cyberattack is illegal, it isn't easy to fight. Elicksen takes you through several plans to deal with specific problems. The book is an invaluable resource in the never-ending battle to preserve reputations in the digital age.
Introduction xv1 Cyberbullying, Cyber Libel, and Defamation 11. When Does Digital Content Cross the Line? 31.1 Slander 41.2 Libel 51.3 Defamation 52 The Psychology of a Cyberbully 91. What Cyberbullies Do 121.1 Types of actions that bullies take 121.2 Cyberbullying tactics 133 Who Is Most at Risk? 171. How High-Profile Individuals become Targets 22vi Business Cyberbullies and How to Fight Back4 Can You Stop Cyberbullying beforeIt Happens? 251. Monitor and Manage Your Online Presence 262. Online Security 273. Be Mindful of All That Is Said and Presented in Your Name 295 When a Post Crosses the Line 311. Trolls 332. Good versus Evil 363. Church Closes Food Bank Because It Attracts Poor People 374. A Word About Poor Marketing That Crosses the Line 375. When You Decide the Line Has Been Crossed 386 When You Discover You Are the Targetof a Cyberbully 411. You've Been Cyber Attacked: Now What? 411.1 Stay calm 421.2 Document 421.3 Tell somebody 421.4 Find out who owns the website where the postwas made 431.5 Block the cyberbully 431.6 Legal advice 441.7 Report it to the police 452. What Not to Do 457 The Short-Term and Long-Term Effectsof Being Cyberbullied 471. Top Model Charlotte Dawson 472. Recognizing the Emotions You'll Experience 482.1 The emotional stages of defamation 483. The Psychological Price of Being a Businessperson 514. Financial Impact on Business 545. Can Your Business Recover? 55Contents vii8 How Bullies Roll 571. Cyber Hacks 581.1 The World Cup attracted online cyberattackersas much as it attracted fans 581.2 Internet Billboards was hacked 581.3 Mobile infiltrations 592. Harassment 602.1 Fatal attraction, Internet-style 603. Internet Defamation 613.1 TTC runs red light then nearly kills woman 613.2 Why Is Lambda Legal cyberbullying asmall business? 624. Prohibited Creditor Practices 624.1 Debt collectors troll debtor's friends on Facebook 629 The Law and Cyberbullying 631. Legislation to End Anonymity on the Internet 692. Debt Collection Laws 712.1 My story 712.2 Is there a debtor's prison? 762.3 Statutes of limitations 772.4 United States collections 782.5 Collections in Canada 792.6 If you've been taken to collections or had to filefor bankruptcy, you're in good company 813. Criminal and Civil Codes and Laws 823.1 Cyberbullying and the law 8210 Documenting Your Case 871. Take a Screenshot 872. Do a Forensic Audit 893. To Sue or Not to Sue 91viii Business Cyberbullies and How to Fight Back11 Keyboard Cowards and Cyber Heroes:Examples of Business Cyberbullying 931. Keyboard Cowards 931.1 Robert Campbell of Ottawa: 181 chargesof cyberbullying 931.2 Jesse Ventura wins $1.8 million in defamation case 941.3 Woman arrested for alleged cyberbullying 941.4 Restaurant review gone bad 941.5 $20 million awarded in Internet libel case 951.6 Scientist awarded cyber libel damages 951.7 Sabbato v. Hardy, Ohio Court Appeal,December 18, 2000 951.8 Varian v. Delfino and Day, Santa Clara County, 2001 951.9 Nouveau Riche International Model andTalent Management and 961.10 Byong-Jon Kim v. Dongpo News, Kwang Ho Song,and John Doe 961.11 Teacher ""powerless"" to stop ex-girlfriend'scyberstalking 971.12 Texas couple awarded $13 million indefamation case 971.14 Jury awards $11.3M over defamatory Internet posts 972. Cyber Heroes 982.1 Lindsay Bottos 982.2 Bill Belsey 982.3 Jada 992.4 Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live 992.5 Dan Rice and David Liebensohn 1002.6 Sometimes just speaking out is an act of bravery 10012 Take Back the Internet and Your Life 1031. Drown the Internet with Good Content 1041.1 What is good content? 1052. Pay or Do-It-Yourself SEO 107Contents ix3. Taking Back Your Life: Healing from the Inside Out 1084. What If We're the Bully and We Don't Even Know It? 1135. Step into the Light and Create Your Future 114Samples1. Troll Advertising2. PrtScrn Button3. Pinterest Sreenshot
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