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Greening Your Community:

The Environmentally Friendly Way
  • ISBN-13: 9781770402232
  • Author: Doucette, Jill and Boysen, Mark
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  • Local release date: 14/06/2015
  • Format: Paperback (226mm X 152mm) 136 pages Weight: 181g
  • Categories: The environment [RN]
Table of
Throwing a block party? Creating a community garden? Building a playground? Helping an ailing neighbor with a food circle? Jill Doucette, founder of Synergy which works to catalyze the green economy, helps you strengthen your community with sustainable ideas to environmentally improve where you live.
Introduction xi1 Rethinking Our Communities:People, Planet, Prosperity 11. How Others Interpret a Green Community 32 Taking Action 61. Starting Small 72. Mobilize Change 73. Outreach Tools 113 Food Security 131. Growing Food Locally 142. The Environmental Impact of Meat 153. The Environmental Impact of Seafood 164. Food Waste 195. Community Gardening 215.1 Guerilla gardening 22iv Greening Your Community5.2 Sharing backyards 236. Urban Agriculture 247. Urban Livestock 248. Farming Food Instead of Manicuring Lawns 269. Stop Using Pesticides 274 Green Events 291. Community Events 302. Family Events 313. Zero-Trash Events 344. Environmental Action Events 365 Using Green Transportation 401. The Cost of Vehicle Ownership 412. Transportation Alternatives 422.1 Bicycling 432.2 Walking 452.3 Car- and bike-sharing programs 463. Drive Greener 463.1 Electric vehicles 476 Foundations of a Green Home 491. Home Size and Location 502. Evaluating Your Home 522.1 Heating your home 542.2 Electronics, appliances, and lights 563. Living Green in an Apartment or Condo 574. Daily Practices Make a Difference 597 Water Systems 601. Watershed Areas 622. Water Use in Our Communities 633. Reducing Water Pollution 664. Reducing Water Use in Our Homes 67Contents v8 Renewable Energy: Seeking theNet-Zero Community 701. Why We Care about Climate Change 711.1 Sea-level rise 711.2 Increased forest fires 711.3 Natural environment impacts 711.4 Food impacts 721.5 Water supply 722. Renewable Energy in Your Community 722.1 Photovoltaic solar panels 732.2 Solar hot water systems 742.3 Geo-exchange systems 742.4 Biomass or bioenergy 752.5 Wind power 752.6 Hydro power 763. Do-It-Yourself Solar Collector 764. Carbon Offsets 775. Purchasing Renewable Energy 799 Recycling, Composting, and Trash 801. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 811.1 Composting 831.2 Plastics 841.3 Batteries 841.4 Styrofoam 851.5 Mattresses 862. Set a Lofty Goal: Zero-Waste Work, School, and Home 863. Consumer-to-Consumer Selling and theSharing Economy 874. Upcycling 885. Circular Economy 8810 Natural Environment and Green Spaces 901. Integrating Nature into Our Communities 912. Preserving Natural Areas 94vi Greening Your Community11 Arts and the Environmental Movement 9812 The Green Economy and Entrepreneurship 1011. Local Economy 1022. Green Business Practices 1042.1 Encourage the local business communityto go green 1063. New, Green Businesses and Jobs 1073.1 Innovative business 10913 Sustainable Cities and Helping Yours Become One 1111. Cities That Lead 1121.1 Vancouver 1131.2 San Francisco 1131.3 Portland 1131.4 Seattle 1131.5 Toronto 1141.6 New York 1141.7 International cities worth watching 1142. What Makes a Community a Green Leader? 1152.1 Green champions 1153. Working with City Hall 11714 Measure Success 1191. Measuring at the Project Level 1192. Measuring at the City Level 121Checklist1 Planning Considerations for a Green Event 32Tables1 Aspects of Your Community 22 Determine the Barriers and Take Action 113 Examples of Green Business Programs and Criteria 1074 Environmental Ventures 1085 River Cleanup Project SMART Goals 1206 Key Performance Indicators: Local Business Example 122
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