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Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic

The Military, Political and Social Fallout
Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic: The Military, Political and Social Fallout covers the decisive battles from the founding of Rome in 753 BC to the Battle of Actium in 28 BC, taking in, for example, legendary battles such as 497 BC - Battle of Lake Regillus; 482 BC - Battle of Antium; 480 BC - Battle of Veii; the Samnite Wars; 261-146 BC - the three Punic Wars against Carthage (Hannibal and Hasdrubal); 191 BC - Battle of Thermpolyae; Battle of Corinth; the Macedonian wars; 89 BC - the Social Wars; 85 BC - the Mithridatic Wars; the Civil Wars; 72 BC - the Spartacus Revolt; Battle of Carrhae; 48 BC - Battle of Pharsalus; 42 BC Battles of Philippi; 41 BC - Battle of Perugia; and 31 - BC Battle of Actium (Cleopatra). Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic: The Military, Political and Social Fallout examines events leading up to these conflicts and the social and political consequences as well as the military aspects. Each had wide-ranging consequences leading Rome from kingdom to republic, from local power to international superpower, and from republic to empire. It makes full use of the accounts of historians and political writers, contemporary and otherwise, including Livy, Sallust, Caesar, Cicero, Polybius, Plutarch and Dio including sculptural and architectural evidence. The unique feature of the book is its focus on the causes of the wars and battles and the socio-political consequences of each for Rome and its allies.
Paul Chrystal is an author of more than twenty-five books and a broadcaster. Ten of his books are on York including A History of Chocolate in York (Pen & Sword, 2012) and The Rowntree Family of York (Blackthorn Press, 2013). He writes articles for national newspapers and regularly appears on the BBC World Service and BBC Local Radio. He is married with three children and lives near York. He was eductaed in Classics at the University Hull and the University of Southampton where he obtained his M.Phil.
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