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    Sailing to the Sun

    Cruising History and Evolution
    • ISBN-13: 9781781557037
    • Publisher: FONTHILL
      Imprint: FONTHILL
    • Author: Miller, William H.
    • Price: AUD 47.99
    • Stock: 0 in stock
    • Availability: This book is temporarily out of stock, order will be despatched as soon as fresh stock is received.
    • Local release date: 26/02/2019
    • Format: Paperback (225mm X 248mm) 128 pages Weight: 490g
    • Categories: Ships & boats: general interest [WGG]Cruises [WTHX]
    The worldwide cruise industry is booming-alone, there are some 56 new cruise ships being built or planned (2018). Cruise ships visit ports around the world. And the ships themselves are amenity-filled, moving resorts. But when did it all begin? This book looks at the evolution of cruising, from the mid-nineteenth century. It chronicles the growth of long, luxury cruising in the Twenties and then, in the Depression-era Thirties, cruising reaches the general public as a form of escape. By the late Sixties, purposeful cruise ships were being built and these spawned today's fleet, including the largest passenger ships ever built.
    Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction; 1 Early Cruising; For Select Travelers; 2 Luxury Gone to Sea: The First Cruise Ships; 3 World Cruising: The Beginning; 4 Floating Country Clubs: Yacht-Like Cruising; 5 Short Escapes: "Booze Cruises"; 6 The Honeymoon Ship: `Queen of Bermuda'; 7 British Cruising: `Arandora Star' and `Atlantis'; 8 Cruising German Style: "Strength Through Joy"; 9 High Luxury: Cunard's `Caronia'; 10 Evolution: Cruising in the Fifties and Sixties; 11 Sleek Italian Decor: The Innovative `Oceanic'; 12 Runaway to Sea: Long Voyages on P&O-Orient Lines; 13 Innovative Newcomers: Norwegian Caribbean and Royal Caribbean; 14 Cruising Empire: Mighty Carnival; 15 Sea-Going Luxury: The Three Royal Viking Line Sisters; 16 `The Pacific Princess': The Love Boat; 17 Mediterranean Favorite: The `Stella Solaris'; 18 On the Rocks: Cruising Mishaps; 19 Holidays at Sea: Santa on the Lido Deck; 20 Growth and Evolution: Princess Cruises Turns Fifty!; 21 Special Occasions: Rendezvous of the Cunard Queens; 22 "Living" on the Liners; 23 Aging Gracefully: Some Older Cruise Ships; 24 From Hamburg to Venice: European Cruising; 25 Bigger and Bigger: `Oasis of the Seas' and `Allure of the Seas'; 26 Six-Star Branding: Gold-Plated Cruising; 27 A New Brand: Cruising with the Vikings; 28 Cruising Evolution and Progress: 2013-2017; Bibliography.
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