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Woodslane 2020 Travel and Outdoor Catalogue

The Hippie Trail

After Europe, Turn Left
In 1977, a twenty-year-old naive American takes a break from his university studies to undertake an epic nine-thousand-mile overland journey from Munich to Kathmandu. With his camera and his journal, he records and recounts his journey, wanderings and musings with candor and humor through cities and countries that are now inaccessible and too dangerous for the modern backpacking tourist. Like a later-day, international doppelganger version of "On the Road," the search for universal truth and the meaning of life tramps alongside the author while visiting places like Beirut, Damascus, Tehran and Kabul with a casual nonchalance, and revealing a seemingly lost era of more freedom, openness, tolerance, and promise.
Author's Note; 1 And So It Begins; 2 From Lebanon to the Holy Land; 3 It Is Hard Work If You Can Get It; 4 The Road to Petra; 5 Burgers, Fries, and Cokes, but no Boat; 6 An Audience with the Great Buddha; 7 On the Silk Road through the Khyber Pass to the Golden Temple; 8 India; 9 Going South; 10 An Audience with the Reclining Buddha; 11 Bangalore to Mangalore; 12 Crossing the Ganges and the Road to Kathmandu; 13 The Roof of the World; 14 And so it Ends.
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