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Beaufighters Over Sea, Sand, and Steaming Jungles

In October 1943 Jack changed from Liberators to Beaufighters having been selected for Torbeau training in Scotland. He joined a Strike Wing at North Coates attacking North Sea convoys off the coast of Holland. Later Jack and his Beaufighter were sent to the Far East where he was deployed to fly out of Assam over Burma supporting the 'Forgotten' Army. Midway through the 'tour' they converted to Mosquitoes; a change he was not particularly happy about. After a short 'rest' converting pilots to Mosquitoes he felt lucky to be put in charge of a small Unit flying Service Personnel to various venues in Southern India. Jack's enthusiasm for flying is maintained and his lucky escapes documented. His fascination with the cultural and social experiences gained in India leaves its mark as he comments on the privileges he experiences - now as a Commissioned Officer - compared to the non- commissioned, and of the wealth chasm between the Indian Princes and the poor of India. This is not just about flying but how he and his comrades lived through those unique and special times.
Abbreviations; Introduction; 1 The Beautiful Beau; 2 The Road to Morocco; 3 Training for Torbeaus; 4 Morocco Again; 5 North Sea Capers; 6 The Full Wing in Action; 7 East Coast Torbeau Squadrons: The Context; 8 'Snakecharmer' Goes East; 9 Holiday in Cairo; 10 East of Suez; 11 The Train to Bombay; 12 Getting the 'Gen' at Poona; 13 Preparations for Burma; 14 The Wettest Place on Earth; 15 Bill Briefs Us for Battle; 16 The Fright of My Life; 17 The Rains Ease Up; 18 Two Important Visitors; 19 The Beau Bows Out in Style; 20 The Mozzie: Wood, Glue, and a Silly Stick; 21 Mozzie Out: Stinson Back; 22 We Leave the War Behind; 23 The Good Life, Even in Hospital; 24 David and I Go on Holiday; 25 We Hear of VE Day; 26 Training for What?; 27 The Wedding Season; 28 I Send Peter to the Cocos, Then the War is Over; 29 Getting the Folks Home; 30 Our Time at Bhopal; 31 Dinner with the Nawab; 32 Flying Again; 33 The Best Job in the RAF; 34 I Come Home, Twice; Epilogue; Appendix I: Henry Everest Colman; Appendix II: List of Significant Events.
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