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Woodslane 2020 Travel and Outdoor Catalogue

Fit. Strong. Lean.

Build Your Best Circuit Training Plan
  • ISBN-13: 9781782551713
  • Publisher: MEYER AND MEYER
    Imprint: MEYER AND MEYER
  • Author: Diehl, Mike
  • Price: AUD 37.99
  • Stock: 5 in stock
  • Availability: Order will be despatched as soon as possible.
  • Local release date: 26/11/2019
  • Format: Paperback (254mm X 196mm) 280 pages Weight: 800g
  • Categories: Exercise & workout books [VFMG]
Get Fit. Get Strong. Get Lean. provides the best, no excuses, exercises that will get anyone at any fitness level into their best shape. Mike Diehl--a soldier in the German military--has spent decades training world-class athletes, actors, and politicians, and he presents his best exercises in this book. With more than 100 simple, yet highly effective exercises, both fitness fanatics and beginners can train at their own level. The 15 circuits provide training variety to prevent that dreaded exercise plateau. Each circuit is only 15 minutes, maximizing training while reducing the risk of injury. An added bonus is that all the workouts can be completed anywhere--at home, at the gym, or even in the park. In addition to a variety of bodyweight exercises, this book also provides training programs that use popular equipment such as dumbbells, exercise bands, and medicine balls. A special scoring system will help motivate the exercisers to completely their training sessions regularly and to make each session their best. Get Fit. Get Strong. Get Lean. uses all the necessary components of fitness--endurance, strength, speed, and mobility--making it a must-have book for anyone looking to start or change their workout routine. They will become fitter, stronger, and leaner in no time!
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