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Raging Love

An Athlete's Journey to Self-Validation and Purpose
Raging Love is about athlete Jimmie D. King's rise to fame as an angry, chronically injured powerlifting champion to a happy, healthy cyclist and bodybuilder. The reader will witness a man who learns to be at ease with himself through mentoring and coaching others to become a better version of themselves. Raging Love gives us a glimpse at the life and athletic career of Powerlifting National Champion Jimmie D. King. With stunning candor, King shares his intimate and deeply personal perspective--including his challenges and struggles with bullies, physical limitations, childhood abuse, disappointments, oppression, and racism--and how he evolved and adapted over seven decades to stay as close to the ball as possible while learning to serve and develop the talents of others. Far more than a sports memoir, Raging Love is a gripping tale of perseverance and purpose and a reminder that finding one's path is, above all, an evolution from psychological discipline and mental toughness to forgiveness, spiritual peace, self-knowledge, and self-love.
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