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Political Theory in an Age of Crisis

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Western society is beset by multiple crises: ecological, financial, democratic, social and intellectual. Can political theory shed light on these crises? How can we use political theory to help us understand, and potentially provide solutions to, these global problems? This book uses the framework of crisis to examine how classic and modern political theory can be applied to real world problems. Moving beyond abstract theorizing, the book shows how contemporary thinkers have interrogated these crises, thus demonstrating how their theoretical work is useful in the real world. Each chapter explores the context of a particular crisis, shows how theory has attempted to respond to it, and then uses a case study of a specific theorist to show how they have applied and adapted key theoretical ideas to explore and solve this crisis.
Introduction/ 1. The Ecological Crisis, Murray Bookchin, and Ecological Citizenship / 2. The Financial Crisis, David Graeber, and Debt as Society/Society as Debt / 3. The Political Crisis, John Holloway, and Resisting Value / 4. The Social Crisis, Michael Parenti, and The Struggle for Democratic Culture / 5. The Intellectual Crisis, Noam Chomsky, and Thought Control in Democratic Society / Conclusion
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