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People of the Book: An Interfaith Dialogue about How Jews, Christians an

d Muslims Understand Their Sacred Scriptures
Table of
What is the role of scripture in illuminating the lives of the faithful today? In this book, three experts in Judaism, Christianity and Islam respectively discuss and debate this question, by exploring the core messages of the Torah, Bible and Qu'ran. Taking a deeper look at the wide range of theological, political and social issues that divide (and sometimes unite) their religions, they reveal how inspiration and guidance can be drawn not only on life's big questions such as sin and the afterlife, but also on societal issues including war, suffering, marriage and justice.
About the Authors. Introduction. Section 1: Questions about Scripture. 1. Transmission. 2. Authority. 3. How Are Our Scriptures Used? 4. Methods of Interpretation. Section 2: God. 5. The Nature of God. 6. Creation. 7. God's Presence. 8. Guidance. Section 3: Guidance for Life. 9. Law. 10. Sin. 11. Food. 12. Marriage and Family. 13. Rites. Section 4: Social and political issues. 14. Social Justice. 15. Wealth. 16. Men and Women. 17. War and Peace. 18. Other Faiths. 19. Persecution. Section 5: Hope. 20. Suffering. 21. Prophecy. 22. Land. 23. Life after Death. 24. Concluding Reflections.
A very interesting and informative dialogue amongst three expert theologians that covers a wide range of topics from the perspective of Abrahamic faiths. The dialogue is engaging, thought-provoking and eye-opening in relation to the sources of scripture, God and man's relationship with the divine, daily life, ethics, morality and eschatology. A frank conversation like this, conducted with mutual respect, is rare in our atmosphere of exclusivist discourse, and we need more of this. I very much hope that this worthy book will inspire and encourage further such encounters.
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